June 28, 2009

How did I went by a week not going online??

Haha.. I myself am surprised that I haven't been online for a week. Wow... I do have strong will power eh?? hahahha... well actually, I have been busy..

First off, my aunt just gave birth to a really cute baby girl. So I went to visit almost everyday, since she's staying at my grandma's place (just a few houses away from mine) for the time being, I guess she can't cope alone. This is her 1st child. She even needs help bathing the baby. But I guess this is very normal with first-time mothers. I bet when it comes to my time to do all those stuff, I'll go running back to mama. HAHAHA!!
Also had to send grandma for some medical check ups. Had a nice chat with the young doctor who was attending her. He was really nice.

hhmmm... what else I did last week? Oh I went shopping... again.... haha.. what am I supposed to do if my aunt ask me to accompany her for a shopping day out? I couldn't say no.. that is just rude! hahhaa... that's just an excuse for me to do more shopping. But I do need to slow down. It's not even Malaysia's Mega Sale yet and I've already spent my shopping budget for 2 months. I need to constantly remind myself that there is still tomorrow haha..

Also went shopping (twice) for groceries that we can't find in Moscow. Need to do it earlier so that I could ship off the stuff to Moscow. It needs 2-3 months for a parcel to reach Moscow. So spent almost RM400 on that alone, excluding the shipping fees. But this is spending with a reason, there's no way we can find good and cheap chilli powder or curry powder or jintan or bunga cengkih or meggi mee or many more in our 'beloved' Moscow.

Ohh.. and I met Dila, Syarifah and Ikha on wednesday. Missed them so bad. Finally get to see my besties. We were supposed to watch Transformers. But the ticket on that day was at 3pm, so we had 3 hours plus to kill. And the girls dragged me to Red Box!!!

Me? Red Box?? HELLOOO???? Maybe the girls didn't remember that I'm tone deaf. I CAN"T SING!! haha.. ohh.. but my girlfriends won't listen to any of my reasonings. I did warn them that if I sing, it'll rain. And I was right! It did rain on my way home that evening! hahaha. We were housemates back in college, and they knew better not to let me sing. HAHAHA!!

Anyway, it was fun to scream into the mic like a lunatic. I guess that is the reason why they create karaoke centres. It's meant for people like me to sing. hahahahha... oh, and I'm proud of myself. I still know alot of the english songs, well old english songs that is. Since this past year, I've only listened to Korean songs. When the girls sang to Lady Gaga, I was like.... oohh.. so this is Lady Gaga. I've heard that name before. hahahhaha!!

After the movie we went to hang out at the Gardens food court. Chat chat and chat... missed my girls so much!!

June 21, 2009

Happy Papa's Day!!

Love you Pa!

It's Father's Day today.
Was hoping to celebrate it at a fancy restaurant. But my parents have work tomorrow and even the work the brought home for the weekends aren't finish yet. Pity my busy parents. My parents are both teachers, but the work load that they have is really amazing. Let's blame it on Malaysia's education system. But then again, my mom is the one who has other tuition classes out of school.

Anyway, today we just had dinner at some fancy cafe. I had curry noodle. It was delicious. One of the best I've had. I don't know what's up with me lately. I kept wanting Malaysian food. Western food just doesn't appeal much to me. Haha.. I guess after a year of not having all the food I want to eat turns me into a Malaysian food craver. Honestly, I think Malaysian food is the best!! Now I feel like having mee goreng mamak.... hhmmm....

Pretty cake I got for papa before going back home. It tasted good because there wasn't much icing. Actually papa paid for the cake, I insisted to buy, but he refused.

Ma&Pa.. the love of my life
Pa shouldn't have change into shorts before the cake cutting.. hummhh... now it looks a bit funny taking pictures in home shorts..haha

Oh and I bought a Bonia shades today too... It's pretty hihi... I think I'm gonna have to tell my mom a white lie that this one was on 70% discount becuase she's gonna flip if she knows how much I've spend just this week alone.

Me likey..

June 20, 2009

My So-called Busy Day : Father's Day Preparation

Since my mom isn't home until in the evening, I decided that I should cook today because I'm a good daughter..I'm praising myself again hahaha...anyway, I cooked sweet sour fish; the Malay version that is (it taste better). I'm sure you all would wonder what is the difference between a Malay sweet sour chicken/fish and a Chinese version. Well basically, the Malay one is more difficult. Well, not to say difficult, because it is not. But Malay style of sweet sour consists of 'tumis'ing the blended onions and chililes. What is tumis in English? I really don't know... Emm... frying? saute? seriously, I don't know. So yeah, it is a bit tedious than the Chinese style where by I'll just have to pour the sauces from bottles. Ususlly whenever I'm lazy, I'll do the Chinese style. Also, I cooked vege+fishball soup. Didn't have the time to do anymore frying. Plus it's more nutritious to eat soup vegatables.

After I've cooked lunch for my parents, I went shopping for Father's Day present. Seriously, it is hard looking for present my dad. It's so easy to find one for my mom. I ended up buying a Bonia watch. Actually I used up all the money that I've put aside to buy myself a new watch, even had to add up a bit more. But it's OK, since I just bought myself a Swatch a few months ago.

The nice looking Bonia for my dearest papa

The nice looking card for my lovely papa

I wrote :

Dearest Papa,
Happy Father's Day!!
I didn't get to celebrate any birthdays, father's days, anniversaries for the past year. So this is a grand celebration to make up for all those I've missed. I know you have said the best present is my success, but once in a while it'd be nice to see my father accessorize in style.. haha...
Hope mama won't be jealous with this grand celebration.

Next task is to get a nice looking cake for my dearest papa. Now I wonder how will I get the cake without my dad knowing that I've planned a celebration for him tomorrow...HHmmm...

I think I'll leave the dinner at a restaurant task to my mom. Since I don't really know any good restaurant around. Althought I've lived here since birth, I don't really know anything around here. hahaha... hey, don't blame me. I lived in hostels away from home since 13 years old ok (haha.. me and my excuses..)

Oh.. I wish my brother is home. He's away at school...

June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Suraya!!

It's my best-longest-friend's birthday today. So we decided to hang out today. It was just the two of us.

We've been friends since we were in primary school, I think we were 10 or 11 years old back then. Of course later on we both went to different schools and different colleges, and have different sets of friends. But we still hang out together whenever I'm home. I guess this is what they call friends forever.

After I went shoe shopping, we had cakes from Secret Recipe. Since it's just the two of us, so we just ordered 2 slices from their cake selection with ice latte and mocha. I should to be on diet actually, hahaha.. Then we went to some accessories shop, I intended to buy Suraya a bracelet or something. Since things are a bit limited because she wears scarfs, so what more choices are left other then bracelets. I wanted to find a memorable gift, but after half an hour of searching and searching, I couldn't find anything that is worth remembering. But then Sue saw something at the make-your-own charm bracelet/necklace corner. Then it striked me, wouldn't that be nice if we could make a charm bracelet together, picking out the pieces of ornaments for the bracelet together, and putting it in one piece together. Now that is something memorable for a birthday gift. Of course at first she didn't know that I was looking around for a birthday gift. She thought I was looking for myself.

Me & Suraya making our own charm bracelets.

Tho it is a simple and not expansive gift, but the memory is what counts. This one is mine, Sue's one is with star ornaments.

~A clover and a heart shaped ornament~
~I hope I'll be lucky in love~

Oh and also, I went for watches survey. And I'm down between 3 watches. Another one is a Guess square watch (couldn't find the picture on the internet)

June 15, 2009

The HOTNESS of Malaysia

Urghh.. Malaysia is so hot now. I had just came back from the hair salon. I chopped off my long hair just because I can't stand the heat. Now it's just 1 or 2 inches below my shoulder. Of course I wouldn't dare to cut above my shoulder level. I'll look funny with a very short hair. But at least it's not as long and thick as before. I hate the extreme heat. I hope my body will adapt fast. Owh, and I think I'll get darker too. Hmm.. that reminds me to get a hand cover or hand socks or whatever they call it, because all these driving will definately make my skin dark. Hey, I was born with lots of melanin OK... So yeah, I do have to take care and try hard to avoid direct sun exposure.

Sun sun go away
come again another day...
or better still, come again in 2 months time.. haha

June 14, 2009

My First Day Back In Malaysia

I'm so glad I'm back home. But the heat is starting to get to me. The moment I stepped out of the airport's terminal, I was welcomed by a blast of hot air, and I arrived at night. Imagine how it is during the day. It is VERY hot here in Malaysia. And I'm starting to sweat like a pig now. I can't sleep without the aircond on. According to my mom, these few days are a bit cooler then before. And the temperature is predicted to increase to 35-37 degrees soon. How will I survive then??? I'm not exaggerating here. And I'm not being a person who complains a lot, but I'm sure those who came back from Russia would say the same thing. Luckily it was starting to get warm back in Moscow, at least I did have some time to adapt a bit.

Anyway, yesterday I dragged my parents and brother to stop at a mamak restaurant for a midnight roti canai on our way home. I had one roti canai and half a roti nan. hahha... that is the first thing I did when I arrived yesterday night at 9.30pm. For my mom, this is the first time she has ever done that. Eating at a mamak restaurant so late at night, I mean. hahaha.. but she had to, all because of me, her darling daughter. ^_^

Today, I went to a wedding reception of someone I know. I ate a lot. hahahha... I think tomorrow I have to start working on the treadmill. I've eaten like a pig. hahaha... Sweat like a pig, eat like a pig too!!! hahaha
I went to visit my granny and aunts too. Missed them so much. One of my favourite aunt just gave birth to a baby girl 3 days ago. I'm so happy for her.

Hmm... what will I do tomorrow?? I think I wanna go shopping for stuff to ship back to Moscow. It's gonna take 2 months for the parcels to reach Moscow. So if I ship it now, the parcle will arrive around the same time I go back to Moscow. It'll be just perfect.

OK, enough for today, see you again tomorrow~~ ^_^

June 13, 2009

My Dubai Perfume Shopping

Scratch the post before. I bought totally different things. They don't have Victoria's Secret collection here. And the new DKNY smells way better. I went crazy over there. And my sense of smell went haywire.

So these is what I bought.
DKNY's Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

This is Nina Ricci's latest limited edition. And it smelled really good. So I bought 2, one for myself and one for my aunt.

Usually I don't really like Escada, but this one is an exception. This smells fresh and nice.

L'eau Par by KENZO for my aunt.

Out of the 3 bottles that I bought for myself, my mom can choose any one she likes. Me being a good daughter.. hihi... owh, and I also bought 3 very nice cushion covers for my darling mama.

Current Location : Dubai

I'm transiting for 5hours in Dubai.. What else to do other then to shop in the huge duty free section here.. hihihi.... Let's see... I have a list of things I wanted to get. It's duty free.. so I have a reason to shop.. hahahha....

What I want :
I know this one has been out quite a long time ago, but I liked the scent so much, just didn't get a chance to get one before.

Dream Angels Desire by Victoria's Secret


June 11, 2009

My 'Awesomely' Unproductive Day

I did absolutely nothing today. I woke up around 10.30am today, then roll and roll on my really really cozy bed for 15minutes. Of course the first thing I did after that was switch on my lappy and continued downloading the current Korean drama I'm trying to finish download before going back Malaysia. The internet speed in Malaysia is beyond terrible. It's not possible to download dramas in Malaysia. So after checking my facebook and emails and replying messages and all.. I watched Full House drama. hahaha... imagine this, I've watched so many dramas before, but the one drama that every single drama addict is obligated to watch, I had not watch before. hahaha... I've only watched until episode 11, and I'm loving every single part of it. This has gotta be the best drama. Now I'm wondering why in the world I did not watch this before.

Anyway, back to my unproductive day... I fell asleep in front of my lappy. Yes... I went to sleep again for about 2 hours. hahhahaha.. I was sleepy because I slept at 4am the night before, or shall I say this morning..
Then I was woken up by Anne's call saying that she wants to come over to my hostel. So I had to clean up a bit or else she'll be shocked seeing the very messy part of me. After washing up, went to fetch Anne. We hanged out, transfered movies and dramas, watched some Korean stuff, surfed some Korean entertainment sites, ate Aisyah's nasi lemak....

I'm leaving Moscow tomorrow and my luggage bag is still on top of my wardrobe. I haven't pack anything. And my room is still in a mess. My laundry is still at the laundry room... hahhaha... And here I am playing around online and hanging around.. Oh that reminds me to get my laundry tonight. I hope the guy has finished doing my laundry.

I feel like I'm Garfield on my lazy days...

June 10, 2009

Feet, Oh feet.....

My feet is killing me.... Urghh... I'm tired of walking. I can't wait to go back Malaysia and have the privilage of driving!!

Well, I wore new shoes today, of course it would hurt a bit. Every girl out there would experiance the same thing with new shoes.

I had to go to Spartiv hostel to see the commandant for hostel clearance and stuff.. such stupid system. Those who are staying in Kahov hostel had to go all the way to Spartiv to complete our hostel clearance for the semester. And the only thing the commandant did was just stamp and sign the stupid piece of paper. Again I'm saying this, what a stupid system. Then I had to go to Moslanka to confirm hostel fee clearence, and finally to the dean's office to send the stupid piece of paper and zachut book. And me being stupid, I left a bit late, so I had to wait for the office workers in Moslanka and dean's office until the lunch break is over. But I was lucky to meet Ku Ammar in Spartiv, he accomponied me in McDonald's and we had lunch. I have such nice friends around. And those who knows Ammar, would know that the most fun part of Ammar is that he gossips more then girls. Of course I had so much fun gossiping with him..hahahha...

After everything was settled, I went to Arbat's Street. Anne accompanied me there. I went to buy my aunt another Hard Rock cafe's t-shirt. Bought her one last year, she wants another one with different design. And I got myself a Hard Rock Cafe pin to add to my collections. Tho it's a bit more expansive there in Moscow, but I just had to get one. How can I not get one when I study here. My collection would be some what incomplete if I don't have a Hard Rock Cafe Moscow pin.

Only a simple pin. Wanted to get the guitar pin, but too expansive. I've been spending a lot lately. The guitar pin cost 540rubbles. crazy...

June 9, 2009

What a tiring day...


Just came back from my shopping trip. Bought a cute Bershka blouse, a cute shoe, a pretty girlish comforter cover from Ikea, some scented candles, a necklace with a pretty pendant. Owh and I spent 700rubbles on Russian chocolates to bring back home. I'm planing to buy more chocolates later. I'm putting aside 1500 rubbles for chocolates actually but I didn't had enough money today because I went shopping first. hahhaha.... (for those who are not in Russia and don't know the currency's conversions, RM1 = 8.5 rubbles/1USD = 31rubbles). Russian currency is actually has less value, but a lot of things here in Moscow are really expensive. For example, if I eat a meal of McDonald's consisting of only fillet o' fish, regular size fries, and a coke; I can have 2 of that same meal in Malaysia. Moscow won the award of being the most expensive city again this year. Not something to be surprise about becuase it has been that way since 2 or 3 years ago.

Anyway, Ika was late to meet me at Mega, she got caught in the dean's office. So I had to walk around alone for several hours before she finally came. She was feeling sorry because she was so late, she paid for my Baskin Robbins' banana split.hhmmm... it was good. Thanks Ika. I forgave you for being late.

Oh, and about the dinner party. Yes, I missed it, but my friend kept some food for me. I have such nice friends around me. In the end, I get to shop, free icecream, and I get the food too. Yeah, it's a tiring day, but rather fun.

What shall I do today?

It's 11.27am and I'm still in bed with my lappy on. Lappy is my lap top by the way. You just can't imagine how cozy and comfortable my bed is, that makes it usually very hard for me to get up in the morning. hihihi...... or it is just that I'm plain lazy? hahhaha.... maybe it's both.

So, what shall I do today? One of my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go Mega (it's a huge shopping centre). I haven't been shopping in ages, time isn't my companion. Shopping is my passion, so it feels terrible when having something that you like get stripped off from you. Oh and then I can go ice skate too. There's an indoor ice skating ring over in Mega.

On the other hand, another friend invited me for a dinner party. Food is also another of my passion. hahhaha..... But the plan to shop came first, and I made plans with shopping girlfriend before the dinner invitation. *sigh* To hang out other days will not possible, because most of us will be busy getting ready to fly back to Malaysia for the summer break.

Stay tune if you, bloggers out there want to know what I end up doing today ^_^

June 8, 2009

This is what FREEDOM feels like....

I'm FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! weehhheeeeee!!!!

Finals over.. thank God it's over. And because for the past few weeks was like hell for some of us, the taste of freedom is like no other. Now I'm free to blog all I want, I can be a facebook addict all over again, and what's more important, I can drown myself with Korean and more Korean until I feel there is a need to surface for air.. hahahha. I have a whole list of downloaded dramas that I didn't get to watch since months ago.

But I think this would be the last freedom for most of us. Next semester we will have Pharmacology, internal disease, and general surgery, also including what we are already learning half-way, Pathology and Microbiology. So next semester would be super duper killer subjects.

But as for now, let's just bask in this beauty of what we so-call FREEDOM.

June 6, 2009

I just feel like knowing

I'm sure all the bloggers around knows about this stuff, but I found this awesome site where they provide tools and widgets for blogs : http://www.neoworx.net
Unfortunately, it's not free. To access all the cool stuff, we would have to be a premium member, and yeah, money is involved. I guess the basic features is well enough for me, the dead blogger. haha..Never knew about all the widgets before. hahahha... But I just started to become an active blogger lately. Don't know why.. but I guess this is a way of releasing the stress from all these intense studying.

So I just added a Neocounter into my 'almost dead' blog. It counts the number of visitors according to country they are from. It's just for fun and to fill up my empty and boring blog. I don't think anyone even reads what I write. But just wait people, I'll try to keep up with this blogging thing. It's starting to get fun............. blogging I mean.

June 5, 2009

Tired to the Bone

I just so very very tired now. It's 1am. My eyes are already feeling so groggy. None of what I'm studying now is going inside my head. But I just wanna wait for subuh prayers, at 3am. One of the downside of living in a 4 seasons country. The prayer time keeps changing according to the season, because the prayer times are abiding to the time of sunrise and sunset. And if I would want to sleep now, I bet I'll never wake up at 3am.

Today is a day of endless studying. I manage to revise a semester's worth of biochemistry in a day and a half, with just a few sub topics left. I studied a bit yesterday after coming back from physiology exams. But the real nightmare starts with 2nd semester's topics, and I only have 2 days to revise all of those difficult chemical structures, loads of body's metabolism schemes, all kinds of body's regulation system, various medical cases...... Of course I had forgotten a lot of them.

They should have at least given us more time off. 3weeks ago, we still had a few other classes to attend including topical tests (of other subjects ie. pathology and microbiology). How do they expect us to revise 2 huge topics in 3 weeks? Oh well, nobody said medicine is easy.....
I think I'm gonna splash some cold water on my face and continue just a bit more.

June 4, 2009

One of the worse days of my life

So I had my physiology exam today. I don't know whether it is just my bad luck or I had not studied enough.

First, let me explain how final exams are being conducted in Moscow Medical Academy. OK, so basically they will let us learn a whole lot for 2-4 semesters. And MMA's system being the old-school type of medical studies, in which we study by subjects. And at the end of semesters, we will have final exams for certain subjects. Imagine this, we studied the whole awesomely thick medical text book but we'll only answer around 3-5 questions, which means, we only answer around 10+ subtopics from the whole text book.

The questions comes out in questions cards. And there are around 20-30 or more variant card with different questions. And so students will pick one of the variants prepared. Of course we don't know what variants contains what topic. So here, it depends on luck. If we get a question that we are not very very very well versed in, then we are screwed because we only have 3-5 questions to answer.

And then there is the teacher factor. After answering the questions on paper, we'll have to go to a teacher and answer orally. And here they will ask additional questions, and yes, we will have to answer right there and then. Another one based on luck. Those who get the lenient teachers, are lucky people.

In my case today, I don't really know my 3rd question. And I answered with a teacher who people would normally avoid. I was kinda dissapointed. I wrote 2 whole full pages on digestion, with illustrations. He stoped me in the middle of my explaination and asked other questions. According to seniors, that's normal. If they see we wrote alot on that question, they don't want to hear it because they'll be trying to find what we don't know instead. *sigh*
The result : I passed. But not the result I wanted.

Oh well, I can't really blame it on luck. Maybe I didn't studied enough. This is a way of telling myself that a lot more effort should be put into studying. Now I'm studying for biochemistry. We'll have the exam on the 8th. I am actually already feeling so tired. I pray that Lord gives me strength to push myself over the limit.

June 3, 2009

Caffeine and Me

Here I am having a short break from endless studying while sipping my 3rd dose of coffee since morning when my mind started to wander off. What happens to the caffeine after consumption? What it does to my body? So where else to look for answers other then wikipedia (one of my favourite sites for all kinds of informations).

There's a whole mechanism of actions occurring in our body when we consume caffeine. Which is too long to be explain. But basically caffeine converts to Paraxanthine, Theobromine, and Theophyline. Which I don't know what the heck are all those. I've only heard of paraxanthine which causes lipolysis (degradation of fat); and according what it said in wikipedia, the other two causes vasodilation and relaxation of smooth muscles. But what strikes me for sure is that the molecular structure of caffiene as well as it's other derivatives looks so similar like adenine.

So as I read on, it said that caffeine having same molecule structure as adenosine and thus becomes a competative inhibitor for adenosine receptors on cell membrane surface. So how does this increase alertness? Well adenosine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, so it makes us sleepy right? So I guess when caffeine attach to adenosine receptors instead of adenosine, it does not activates it. Something like dis-inhibiting the action of adenosine. And therefore we don't fall asleep.

And then there was something about caffeine stimulates the increase of cAMP.. yada yada yada..... to much to read. Well to those who had learned biochemistry, you would understand right... but if you have forgotten, let me give you a hint : adenylate cyclase..activation of protein kinase A..phosphorylation of other protein kinases.. ring a bell?? hahaha....

However we love coffee and tea, too much of caffeine is bad for the body. Overdose of it in a long period of time can cause caffeinism. It's something to do with being dependent to caffeine. Which in turn will cause some physical and mental disturbances : insomnia, headaches, nervousness, muscle twittching, anxiety and some others.
Also because caffeine stimulates more HCL production in the stomach, it causes paptic ulsers and gastroesophageal reflux disease (which I don't know what the heck is that, haven't learn about it yet).

So I urge to all others, and of course myself to drink coffee in moderate amount. It's all about moderation peeps....

Now let's enjoy the aroma of the magical beans that we love.

Exam starts on thursday!!!

Stress is a huge word for students all around the world at these time of the year in which all higher learning institutions everywhere in the world, no matter what major, no matter what education system loves torturing us students.

Oh well, I do admit that it is a way of evaluating how much we have learned and in which area we need to improve. But imagine how many stress hormones were being secreted by our body.. UNBELIEVABLE.

My definition of stress is exactly how the picture illustrates. haha... funny? yeah. I know. But at this moment, it's not a laughing matter.

Ways to de-stress.. Amy's way ^_^ :
1. Facebooking
2. Blogging
3. Eating
4. Classical & Instrumental, Korean music
5. Laughing. usually friends well ignore me at these times. that's totally fine, there's always youtube.