February 28, 2010

MCing..... disaster

autostumble I can just laugh at all the mistakes and how dull I sounded as the MC for today's MIC futsal tournament. I told Annan that I'm really bad at these things, and I don't think I can pull it off right. But nooooo.... he didn't wanna listen and asked me to do it anyway.

Yeah, I suck at announcing through a speaker, moreover in front of a bunch of people, half of whom I don't know....

But it was kinda my fault for not putting my heart to it and trying to do the job as best as I could innocent smileys I almost felt sorry to those who had to endure all my announcements. HAHAHAHA! Sorry people. I'm just not made for public speaking or anything of these sort. Never was, never will.

February 27, 2010

My Heart

My Heart fluttered when I saw you over there
You looked pale from the cold
Your face was as white as the snow
I like it that way

My Heart raced when you walked towards me
Afraid you’ll catch me blushing
But I tried to keep my cool

My Heart skipped a beat
I saw you were glancing my way
I noticed that shy smile you had
Wanted to smile back
I looked down to the ground
Again my shyness overcame my desires
And timidity has got the better of me


February 22, 2010

What differ Russians from the rest

After waiting in line for quite some time, I finally got my fillet-o-fish and fries..... without my balance. The McD girl went on taking orders from the next customer.

Me: My balance??
McD girl: I didn't give it to you?
Me: No. (while shaking my head)
McD: (looking pissed off) Wait. I don't have small change.

I don't even know why she was looking so pissed. So I waited. And she asked her manager to give her small change, and attended to another two customers. It was fine that she forgotten to give me back my balance. Since there was so many people in line, and my fillet-o-fish took quite sometime to be ready. She must have forgotten about my balance when she went to attend to other people. But NOT once did she apologize, or even look guilty. It almost seemed like it was my fault and not hers.

My balance was just 24rubbles, which I couldn't really care much whether if I get it back. And because it took sometime, I was actually ready to leave. But looking at the girl's arrogant face, I changed my mind, and waited for my balance. I didn't care if it took long. All I know is that I didn't want to admit defeat or anything.

And when she finally gave me my balance, she gave it with an arrogant face. What a bitch!
But what more can I do. It's like an unwritten rule in Russia, where you can't be angry even if you have the right to be because you are a foreigner. My encounter today is just a mild case of Russians being the way they are. We were treated worse before.

This is what differs Russians from the rest of the Europeans. Other Europeans treats foreigners with respect and hospitality. But not most Russians. Nice Russians are 'scarce'.

February 20, 2010

3 Guys & 3 Girls. Venice Day1, Jan 25

Started our journey up towards Venice after buying some souvenirs in Piazza del Duomo. This is the square where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is situated.

Fools on the road.

And this was how much we had to pay for a full tank. 80euro = RM400!
Now that's something....

Reached Venice around 2PM. Venice is the capital city of Veneto region in Northern Italy. Had to park outside of the city since cars are not allowed on the street of Venice. Venice is so-called the city of water. So yes, they use boats and water taxis over there.

View of Venice City from the top of the car park

I find Venice very interesting and quiet. There are no motor vehicle on the street. I like this kind of serenity. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything much in Venice unless if we are willing to spend on theater and stuff like that. I would love to watch a theater performance and classical concerts, but I don't think the rest would be interested in those kind of stuff. Venice is popular with its performing arts. I'll definitely come again later in the future.

Had a short rest after checking into our hotel rooms.... oh wait, it was a long rest. Everyone was so tired because of the long walk we had to take from the car park to the hotel. It wasn’t easy finding our way along the allies of Venice. And besides, we all woke up super early that morning. We had to let the drivers have their rest.

It was already after dark when we left the hotel. Went to Hard Rock Cafe. Hehehe... another addition to my pin collection. Gosh, it was so cold that night. Hahaha... yeah, we all study in Moscow. But we didn’t expect it would be this cold. So we weren’t really prepared for the cold.

Gondolas parked in front of Hard Rock Cafe.

Despite the cold wind blowing hard that night, it didn't stop us cam-freaks from having fun taking pictures.

Just beautiful....

We took a lot of long exposure photos since there were beautiful lights around San Marco Square (Piazza San Marco). But most of them are kinda blurry. You can't expect us to stand perfectly still, holding our breaths for 5 or 10 seconds when it was so cold. We were practically shivering!

Had a late dinner at a pizzeria. We gobbled down pizzas and kebabs. hahaha.. Went back to the hotel straight after dinner. We couldn't stand the cold any longer.


February 15, 2010

A great friend is like a good bra

"a great friend is like a good bra... hard to find, supportive, comfortable, always lifts you up, never lets you down or leaves you hanging and is always close to your heart."

It was a week ago when my best friend Syarifah messaged me asking if I had received any card. A card which should have reached my mail box (which is not exactly a mail box, it's a table where they dump every mail on. I'm living in a hostel, so go figure..haha) 3 weeks ago. Somehow the card reached me today. I wonder it it had gotten lost in the thick Russian snow LOL!!

As I set on my bed, still shivering a little from the cold... just got back from class, I opened the card. Started reading the long message inside.

Tears was already streaming down when I reached the 3rd sentance. And as I read along, flashes of the past replayed in my mind. It was like watching a happy+sad+funny+heartwarming movie. I read it once. And then again. And another time. I think I'll read it again before going to bed today. And the days ahead too.

I had a wonderful life living with my 3 bestest best friend. And the 2 years of my college life was the best moments in the 23 years of my life. I remembered all the fun we had together. All the laughter we had. All the singing, dancing, fooling around. All the new things we tried. I also remembered all the bickerings, the bitching, the misunderstandings..... the bitter part. And if I could turn back in time, I wouldn't change a thing. Even the bitter moments seems like a sweet one. And somewhat a laughing matter now. And because we got through the bitterness together, we became wiser, our friendship grew stronger. We forgave and forget, and we stayed best friends.

At times I felt that destiny has not been on our side. Destiny was what brought us together. But it also broke us apart, seperated us in space and time, even sent me and Dila to different continents! I was the first to leave. And only God knows how hard it was on me when I was all alone, far away from my 3 favorite girls. And how I cried every night, blaming fate and blaming myself. But I grew stronger, wiser, independent, capable.... And I know all of us did.
Now each of us is leading our own different lives, having different sets of new friends, being in different surroundings. But my only hope is that we'll never ever forget each other.

To Syarifah, Dila & Ikha.....
You girls made me who I am today. I love you girls a lot. Missing you girls terribly now.

Let's make a promise that we'll always be in each others' hearts and minds, even just for a second of everyday.

February 13, 2010

a lonely new year's eve

it's chinese new year's eve
and i just wanna be home with my family
but i'm in tears now because i'm half way around the world
i miss the times when i had dinner on new year's eve with my family
i miss my late grandparents
i just got messages from my mom
she didn't prepare anything either
she's recovering from a thyroid surgery
what a dull new year
i don't even know if i can make it to the embassy tomorrow
my flu just got better
but i'm coughing now and my throat is killing me
i knew i should have gone to my friends' apartment when she asked me to
but i'm not so well yet
and i wouldn't want to infect others with my flu and cough

a dull cny.....
it's supposed to be my year to shine
i'm a tiger, and this is my year
but why does my year started out lonely and dull??

3 Guys & 3 Girls. Pisa, Jan 25

We left Florence at around 6AM. Yes, you heard me right... 6 in the morning, when Florence was still asleep. Why? Well we didn't want to spend money to park our car in a garage, so we parked it out in the street. It's fine for the first day, since it was a Sunday. But the locals told us to move our car on Monday before 6AM or else it'll be towed. And besides, the boys wanted to take pictures in the nice morning sun....

None of we girls get to put on make up or blow our hair. I couldn't be bothered by the way I look. Too sleepy to care. And I fell asleep in the car as soon as I got into it, until we reached the Pisa. Although I felt very bad for the the driver, I just couldn't help it. Loads of thanks to Walai and Pdas for driving us all.

Saw some cool graffiti on the way to the tower. But I was too sleepy to take pictures. I was even caught yawning wide on camera. LOL!!

So much for a morning sun eh?
It was a bit cloudy!!

HAHAHA!! Bad hair day

Bummer.. The tower was under maintenance and preservation work. Other wise it was beautiful....

One minute they are macho
The next minute they turned goofy.. hahhaha

Everyone was leaning except for me. Was I still not quite awake yet??

Walai's feminine side.... haha...

And now they are showing off the biceps... pfft...


Owuhhh.. my hair!!! hahhaha..
And no makeup too.. hahaha

Are they like twins or something??

Eqa without makeup.... hehehe...