April 13, 2010

Poor guys....

I was studying earlier when I came across 'gynecomastia'. I knew what it was, but never actually seen one. I have never seen pictures of it, much less see it with my own eyes. So I decided to wiki it. This came out.

My first responds was:

*speechless* ....................................
ohhh... hahahahahahahahaha!!!
ermm... *cough cough* maybe I shouldn't laugh.. but this is kinda funny...hahhaha....

So I was being 'inquisitive', and went to youtube in hopes of 'learning' more about this disease (actually I intended to have more laughs).
And I saw a video that changed my mind set. It was really cruel of me to laugh at something like this. It may not be a fatal disease, but it is not a laughable matter either. And even if I wasn't actually laughing in the faces of guys who has it, but I still felt that I was being evil.
I'm a medical student, and will graduate as a doctor. I should have known better.

April 11, 2010

My first Sony Vegas editing

I learned how to use Sony Vegas 9 in one night. Well of course I'm still rusty at it, and there are so many other features I have not use yet. But this is my first attempt in editing a video. Hope I'll come out with more interesting videos later in the future.

This is the raw cut from Arirangworld.

And this is the one I edited using Song Vegas and Audacity

Sony Vegas is a complex video editor, and it made my head spin. But it was fun learning all this tho...
I should go and have a shut-eye now.

April 10, 2010

"At least he's using good beans"

It has only been 2 hours since I woke up, but I think I might need a 2nd cup of coffee.
Caffeine is running through my veins....

April 9, 2010

Battle of the races

If you are well aware, arguments between different racial backgrounds has been going on and on for centuries, especially in countries where there are a few main races that make up the major society.

If you are still wondering what I am.... let me enlighten with the fact that I'm 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 Malay. My daddy is Chinese (Baba to be exact) and mommy is Chinese+Malay (who was brought up in a very Malay way).

So anyways, I was on skype with my family back home, when my dad and mom had this tiny 'argument' about whether the Chinese being better than Malays.
Ohh but don't get me wrong here. Of course we are not racist! If my parents are, they wouldn't have been married all these while right? hahaha...
It's just that sometimes, when my dad started having his 'sense of pride' --->as what I like to call it, and my mom starts having the need to defend her own race, it gets really funny.... And my brother and I was laughing all along looking at our parents presenting their statements.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Isn't Malaysia a wonderful place? With different ethnicity that makes us unique..
So the next time you pass by someone with a different racial background, please be generous with your smile.

It doesn't matter whether you are dark skinned or pale.
Eat with hands or a pair of chopsticks.
Have slit eyes or big-wide-beautiful eyes.....
We are ONE

April 4, 2010

Google translator is being humorous

I was trying to translate a line of a lyric. And I use google translator.

I wanted to translate this line:
가끔씩 바람이 불어도 가슴이 젖어
I know what 가끔씩 is. And 바람이, also 가슴이. But not the other 2 words.

Google translated it as:
Sometimes the wind blows wet boobs

HAHAHAHA!!! I had a great laugh. wet boobies!!!! japanese smileys
가슴 = heart.... or sometimes chest.
So I guess the translator got confused a bit there..

April 3, 2010

Bladder control

You need to go, but there are no toilets around. What to do?
This is an interesting topic to talk about, since everyone would go through this situation from time to time.

Yellow sky! smiley icons

#1 Controlling urethral sphincter.
Most of us usually do this automatically when we start feeling the urge to pee. Here's a tip for a better control. Instead of contracting every muscle in the pelvic area, try to isolate the muscles surrounding the urethra. External sphincter muscle of urethra is a skeletal muscle, so it is possible to control this muscle (voluntary). So focus in squeezing this muscle and relax other pelvic and abdominal muscles to avoid putting more pressure on the bladder.

#2 Position
If you are standing, cross your legs. This helps compressing the urethral muscles.
If you are sitting, do NOT cross your legs. Crossing one leg over the knee makes the thighs to be raised towards abdomen. This will lead to the compression of bladder and thus, loss of bladder control. So sit up-right and relax. Do not slump over and arch your spine a little, but do not extend the abdomen. These positions will take pressure off the pelvic region.

#3 Minimize intake of fluid.
It's wise not to drink or consume any food containing lots of fluid until you find a loo. Your body won't be dehydrated that quickly. Besides, if you have a lot to excrete, you must have a lot to drink before right?

#4 Avoid rapid movements.
Don't move around too much. It is best to remain seated or remain standing, which ever your initial positions are. If you feel the need to change position, make your movements as light as possible. Avoid jolting and abrupt movements, because this will shake the bladder. When you are holding it in, avoid any movements that will make the bladder shake. So keep you pelvic floor tighten.
Do not run, instead walk to the bathroom.

#5 Stay focus
Focusing on holding it in and not thinking about letting it out until you find a toilet. Think about something else and not a toilet while you are searching for one.
Remember, there is no way you bladder can burst while holding pee. It's just an instinct, in which the body is telling the brain to find a toilet fast..... or else it'll explode.

hahahaha.. I can't help but laugh at the last line.
Hope this little tip helps. It did for me.

April 2, 2010

Life goes on

It was just a few days ago when all of us felt afraid just being outside. But surprisingly, life goes on as usual. Of course we try to remind ourselves to be cautious all the time. And also reminding ourselves that there are lots of people mourning at the moment. I still feel some eeriness every time I pass or use Park Kultury metro station. But as I've said, life goes on.....

Spring is really really really here!!!! So let's put on a bright smile, whip out your cameras and go hang out with friends innocent smileys

Went for ID class, but turned out that our teacher had some doctor's conference. So we decided to have double class next week instead of waiting for him to finish....
I'm suddenly feeling grim thinking about a double class *puke*

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~Sunny Shine Shine~

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Can't wait to see the first buds of spring!!

Russian class with our super nice, super cool, super awesome teacher.
Everybody super loves her party smileys
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Then we went to hang out at McD..... for a VERY long time. It's nice to have good chit chat, fool around, and talk about shit crap from time to time

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I bet everyone's wondering who is Raimi's 'new girl'

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Cautious : HOT!
smiley emoticons

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Hasifi : Amy, aku rase aku macho gile bile tak pakai specs
Me : smiley emoticons
Hasifi : Nanti jangan lupe upload photo handsome aku tau...
Me : OMG mane kau dapat semue kepoyoan nih??? HAHAHA!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It's a nice weather to be out with friends...

April 1, 2010

Pharmacology & The lucky guy

We are supposed to have a class at 3.20PM but our beloved Bondarchuk postponed our class today to 5PM, which she still came late for. It was nearly 7PM when we finally saw her. I kinda pity her because when another teacher is on sick leave, she has to handle a lot of classes on her own. But we got really tired of waiting..... so we played with the camera. Cam-freaks never know when to give it a break

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Studying diligently?? errr... so not!!
They are just posing for the camera... pfftt

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Since when Pharmacology includes the use of a stethoscope? hahaha!!

After our so-called class, we went for dinner at a sushi bar. Raimi got very lucky today, and he was feeling 'ecstatic' about it. He he offered to belanja makan... hehehe... Thanks dude!! This is the 2nd time. I have to remind myself to belanja you next time. hehehe....

Fork & knife in a sushi bar? hahaha.. nahh..
This is Il Patio's side of the restaurant. We had to sit there because the Planeta sushi's seats was fully occupied.

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The camera-guy who got left behind. SORRY!!!!
lupa laaa.. sorry ye cipi. Promise we won't do that again ^_^