December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve.... spent with lovely company

Just came back from my girl friends' apartment.
Skobelevskaya girls made a sumptuous lunch-dinner party for our small group of friends. It was great. Although Wadie and I came very2 late, and the boys had gobbled down most of the food, it was still splendid because I have great people around me...
It was Wadie's fault for us being late.... hahhahaha.. (the voice in my head told me not to point fingers at people, since that will be my new year's resolution)
OK fine, it was my fault. I didn't want to get out of the comforter until 3PM. It's a bit cold today.

oooo... we took so many photos. But I'm yet to get it from Alif and Wadie. Will be updating with so many cute, as well as ugly photos of our New's Years Eve celebration soon. Stay tune!

Starry New Year

I know I should have gone for the countdown tonight with Eqa and all.... but somehow, I don't feel like to. Plus Anne didn't want to go, so I decided to come back to my hostel instead.
I can hear music pumping next door... Maybe I'll go party with them instead hehe....

May 2010 brings all the luck and joy to everyone!

December 30, 2009

I am officially an owl

I've been trying to sleep since 3AM!! and I haven't gotten close to achieving that until now. At 6.15AM I gave up on trying to make myself sleep. I just don't know why I can't sleep...

I guess I'll stay awake until it's time for Subuh prayers which is in an hour. And in the mean time, I'll just read my microbiology notes. I hope I'll be sleepy enough by then.

Do you think I have insomnia??

I don't think so.... I think I'm just morphing into an owl...
co~ co~ co~

because I'm able to sleep until 2PM hahhahahahha!!!!

oooo.... my favorite time of the day

December 28, 2009

I'm awake and alive

I bet my roommates next door wonders if I'm still alive here in my room. HAHHAHA.... My roomie went back Malaysia yesterday. So I had the room to myself. And like any other people who loves their room, I've been dwelling in my room since yesterday. I haven't even seen Wani for 2 days already. hahahha.. and Aisyah came into my room last night saying that she hasn't seen me for quite a while...awww she misses me... hhahaha...

Damn.. I'm having a headache for waking up too late. ahhaha.. It's just so nice to sleep in winter. It's cold and gloomy. hahaha...

co~ co~ co~ co~
I'm an owl. I stay up late at night, I wake up late.
I think I should shift my sleeping pattern back to the right one.

December 27, 2009

Our lunch party at Medvedkovo

Went to friends' apartment for a lunch party today. Wasn't really lunch actually. We were asked to come at noon, but everyone came at 3pm. ahhahaha.... This is what we call 'janji melayu'. One of the many2 bad habits of Malays... We seldom come in time.

Medvedkovo was so far away... Gosh, I almost fell asleep in the metro. But it was worth the journey. The food was great. The group of friends was great as well. Everyone was in a good mood.
We ate. We laughed at Capiel's dirty jokes. We had fun. It has been a while since the last we all had this much fun.

We all hung out and ate in the boys' study room. Their apartment is a bit small. But I guess anywhere is fine when there's good food.

The self-proclaim 'Baby Bear' trying to be cute

'lepak'ing in the boys' room

I think Syafiq is trying to show his sexy back..
ewww... so NOT!!

December 26, 2009

Mardiana loves ME~


I was surprised by a moist choc cake from Mar today....
Well a few days ago she did mentioned she's gonna do some baking and will give me some. But I never expected a LARGE piece. HAHA.. thanks Mar for the love~ hihihihi...
I have such nice loving friends ^_^

On the other hand, this cake is gonna go straight to my butt HAHHAHAHA!!!!
There goes the exercise I did earlier....

Does operating systems exist in Malay?

I got so bored reading microbio. So I played around with my phone and changed my phone's language to Bahasa Melayu. Hilarious stuff! Seriously, I couldn't understand a lot of the terms being used. Of course I do understand the Malay words, but not the terms and what it is for. If it wasn't for the icons, I think it would be difficult to find my way back to the language panel. hahahha!!! For those who have phones bought from Malaysia, and you haven't tried changing the language, do try. Really funny.
Here are some funny terms being used if you set your phone language to Bahasa Melayu.

Butiran memori = Memory details
Peti masuk = Inbox
Folder saya = My folder (hahahhaha... this one is funny!)
Siaran sel
Arahan khidmat = Service command (I think....)
Pilihan menghantar
Buka khidmat dalam talian - ???? hhahaha!!
Mod bersedia - I think this is 'standby mode'
Tukar Paparan menu - I don't even know what this is for hahhaa...

And there's a lot more.
I'm not saying that Malay language is funny.... Hey, that's the language I use everyday. But most of us are so used to using English for phones and computers, somehow it just makes all those terms kinda funny and not so understanable. HAHA!!

I wonder if our computer's operating system exist in Bahasa Melayu.... Damn... that would be so funny... Imagine what would they call the Control Panel? Panel Kawalan??? Or how about Default Programs? I can't even think of a malay term for default program. haha...

Anyways, this is just for fun. Not to disregard my mother tounge or anything =)

December 24, 2009

Oriental style grill fish (simple)

This is a new recipe I tried a while ago. Basically I just went and pour every ingredients that came into my mind. And surprisingly, it tasted good.

Ingredients :
1 piece of fish (of any kind)
1/2 (or 2) teaspoons of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce

1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil

white pepper

black pepper

a dash of salt and sugar (according to how you like it)

  1. If the piece of fish is thick, cut it into half. But make sure the pieces is not too small, because it will break apart while grilling . Remember to make cuts on the fish surface so that the marinating ingredients can seep through the fish.
  2. Cover the fish with garlic powder, oyster sauce, sesame oil, white pepper, black pepper, white pepper, salt, and sugar. Rub all the ingredients well on the fish.
  3. Do not use too much salt. The oyster sauce is already salty.
  4. Leave the fish to marinate for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  5. Get the grill ready.
  6. Grill fish. Keep flipping the fish to avoid from burning it.
  7. Serve with rice and vegetable.
*Note : If you don't have a griller, here's what I do : Completely cover the base of a frying pan with aluminium foil, and of course put the pan on the stove with low fire and you're set to go.
Another option is, you can always use a microwave and set it to grill. Of course grilling with a griller with charcoal will make your food taste so much better.

About the type of fish. Yes, you can use any kind. I've used forel and some salt-water fish I don't know its name. The salt-water fish tasted better then forel/trout.

Oriental style grill forel with blanched carrot

~Healthy meal~

December 22, 2009

I'm sick of MCQs

MCQs... yup..... my school loves making us sit for those multi-choice-questions.. every single week, for almost every subjects since our 1st year, we have those. Whether it's on paper or computerize, it is a pain in the a**!

Sitting for microbiology final MCQ test tomorrow. urghhh.. I'm already sick of looking at these MCQ questions. And if I pass, I'll have to continue studying for the written and oral exam which is scheduled in another 2 weeks =(

I seriously need a break here!!!!!! But I kept telling myself,
"In 2 weeks time, you can have all the time in the world to do anything you want. So just hang in there."

HAHAHAHA... it didn't work. I still couldn't fight the urge to watch a movie or some korean stuff at least once a day. Hey, they say 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. I certainly wouldn't to be dull and go crazy in the end hahhahaha.....

December 19, 2009

What Taec wants for Xmas

Awwww..... a Christmas without Jay would surely suck for the boys...

*Was bored studying Pathology... so went to 2OD, saw this Paris Baguette ad picture. Taec had a sulky face here, so I edited it a bit with words... hahaha...

December 16, 2009

What's up with youtube??

Why has our favorite video streaming site became VERY SLLOOOOOOW these days??? Not to mention that it's server crashes several times a day. At times, I can't even open a Youtube link! And the status bar just said 'Waiting for'. I once got stuck there for more then 30 minutes.

I'm sure all of you has been facing the same problems regardless of what kind of internet speed we are using. At first I really thought that it's my internet provider's problems. But opening other web sites and downloading many things at once has been fine.

So I went to check online for troubleshooting or some solutions, thinking that it's my own problem, it turns out that everyone in the world is facing the same problem. Many people are complaining about these same problems. I know that there are millions of new video added to Youtube everyday. But if they can't handle the traffic, then some web programmer should build a new site. Youtube better solve this fast. It's getting pretty annoying.

December 14, 2009

Bandage me up please....

Fara got a head injury. Syafiq broke his clavicle. What should we do??? Let's bandage them up.. HAHAHAHA!!!

My teacher came into class, taught and showed us several types of bandages. And left us to learn the bandages ourselves. Seemed that he had to hurry to a surgery. Oh well.... we had fun anyways.

owuhhh.... Fara looked like she's in tremendous pain...

But she's all happy now.... We drowned her in opioids..HAHAHAH!!!

hahaha.. he's supposed to spread out the bandage, but was too lazy to do so. But it's fine, as long as we know the right way. Syafiq is not a real patient anyway.

HAHAHA... students' messy bandage. Ivahov would have scolded us if he was there. He showed us neat bandages, we went and do head-wraps instead HAHAHAHA!!

December 13, 2009

An early birthday present >.<

Me and a couple of friends are going for an Italy+Berlin trip this coming winter break. I'm so excited ^_^ They said Italy is awesome. Can't wait for winter holidays to start!!

Anyways, we all used my credit card to book all the group flights. Well, my dad's credit card actually, I'm just holding a supplementary card. So finally transferred friends' money to my dad's account today. And my dad told me, I don't need to pay for my tickets. hehehehe...... He said to consider my flight tickets as my birthday gift..... ^_^ I have a wonderful dad...

Thanks Pa!!! Love you!!

My darling daddy & my lil brother

December 11, 2009

When a child grows up too fast

I recently meet a girl online. She's a fan of Korean entertainment too. She was talking about how SNSD girls being racist and she said that she hates SNSD. Apparently, some members of SNSD did made a few 'racist' remarks about the Chinese. The girl, whom I meet online is a Bruneian Chinese. So I guess that explains her hatred towards that particular Korean group.

I didn't know the girl's age at first. If I knew it before hand, I wouldn't have engaged her in a conversation. But later on, I found out her age. She is 12 years old!! I was really shocked when she told me her age. I felt disturbed..... Not because I was talking to a kid. Not because she hates SNSD........ But because she's a kid with such negativity.

How could a child who still lives under the safe haven of her parents knows about racism, even discusses openly about it? How could a child her age have been exposed to that kind of negativity? How could a child have such hatred in her heart? And what's more disturbing is that, she might have been exposed to worse negativity. I know the fact that this world that we live in is indeed a cruel world. But for a child to be exposed to that kind of things is just frightening.

I remembered when I was 12, I was still playing around with friends from different racial backgrounds. We played happily together, never even knew the word 'racism'.

It's scary how kids nowadays grows up TOO fast. It makes me wonder. Who's fault could it be?

I just hope we can make the world a better place for children and try to keep them safe from the world's cruelty as long as we possibaly can.

December 10, 2009

How different two siblings can be

I was chatting my brother on YM this morning. He had just finished his SPM exams and is currently back at home.

He was asking me for suggestions on what to do after SPM. DUHHHH~ I told him to go laze around and play computer games all day. And to beg our parents for a PS2. hahhahahahha!!!! But my brother, being himself, said that there's no need for an expansive PS2.

Then he asked me what I did after SPM during my time. Well... I lazed around for 2 months, and went to work at my granny's nasi ayam shop. He was actually considering to do that. I told him not to. My grandma's shop is one very stressful place to work. And my brother is the type who panics easily. I doubt he can handle the pressure. My granny's nasi ayam shop would be flooded with people at lunch time and all-day-long on Saturdays and Sundays. Not a place my brother can handle.

I suggested that he start hanging out with friends at malls, movies, bowling centre...... like other kids his age. I know, I know... why should he follow the norm right? But he needs to socialize, with the right kind of course. He need to be part of society.

You see, my brother and I are two very very very different people.
  1. I love music. He hates music and loves computer instead.
  2. I love going out. He rather stay home and play computer games.
  3. I spent a lot. He's one very thrifty fellow. HAHAHA!! His wife is gonna suffer if he continues like this. He's so afraid to spend for his own sake.
  4. I like trying out new stuff even if I know it's gonna get me into trouble. My brother likes to stick to the normal things he usually do.
  5. I love shopping. One of the things he hates to do most is shopping
Even my mom have worries because he doesn't go out. I guess my mom is afraid he'll become anti-social of some sort. hahahhaa....
It's so funny how my mom used to worry because I go out TOO much. Now she worries because my brother doesn't go out with friends at all. HAHAHAHA!!!

Anyways, I think we all should stop underestimating Danial. Who knows.. If he tries certain work, he might learn a lot and become a mature guy.

December 9, 2009

I want Crystal!!!!!

LG-GD900 Crystal

I want this phone!!!! I've never wanted a phone this bad..
It's so cool to have the world's first transparent design phone. And it's affordable. I hope it comes to Moscow. Oh wait, is this Crystal a Cyon??? Because I've never seen LG Cyon phones like Lollipop or Chocolate or Icecream here in Moscow, nor in Malaysia. By the way, I don't know why LG likes to name their phones like that.

Oh and what's great is that Big Bang did the CF for the phone.. hahhaha!! Awesome attraction ^_^

This phone is so much better the Samsung's Corby. I do love the CF tho....duh~ 2PM did the CF, how could I not like it.

2PM VS Big Bang ----> I would have to choose 2PM
Corby VS Crystal ----> Crystal wins

December 7, 2009

Bed is calling~

~Full tummy~

~Snowy outside~

~Cold day~

~Nice warm comforter~

~Bed looks very cozy~

Mardiana's belated birthday lunch

Birthday girl and the girl who LOVES the camera

Not much of a celebration this time. Everyone was so busy last week. I actually felt sorry for Mar huhuhu....

So we went for a short lunch after Gen surgery class. We ate like pigs and laughed like hyaenas. HAHAHA!!! It is actually interrelated medically you know. All of us were hyperglycemic, thus we became 'hyperactive' hahahahah!!!
I'm just kidding. Excessive laughing isn't related with high blood glucose level. haha

Syafiq, please pick one. Don't be greedy with girls ok....

This is the same picture as the above, but I just had to post this one because Syafiq's eating face is really funny HAHAHA!!

So Asian! Always with the cute peace fingers HAHA!!

A snowy day.........

Monday.... hate it, love it

  • The day after the weekends
  • The day when everybody starts working or goes back to school after a nice-lazy-fun Sunday
  • The day most of us hate
But I kinda love Mondays.... at least currently..haha..
This is the day were I don't really have to crack my brains in class because the subjects are not as heavy as Pharmacology. Not to mention that it is so much more interesting. hehehhe.. I've always looked forward for Monday's General Surgery classes. I get to see surgeries. And also I get to see my cute teacher in action... hahhahah.. this is a bonus. :D

I saw a rather cool laparoscopic surgery today. Instead of the normal, boring cholecystectomy that I've seen so many times before *yawn*. The patient had an inguinal hernia, so my teacher was supposed to repair it. It's a safe procedure. But not easy one when the pelvic cavity is such a small space. Oh gosh, I kept replaying in my head how my teacher was whining when he accidentaly lose one end of the suture he was clamping. HAHAHA!! It was so cute.
Ahhhh... cute Ivahov.. hahhaha...
I've seen these kinda surgeries being done swiftly. But my teacher did had a tough time putting the mesh in place and suturing it to the abdominal and pelvic wall. He's a young surgeon. I bet he'll be so good in no time.

December 6, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...............

........... Jay!!!

I never had a Christmas wish before. Well, I guess that's because I'm not a Christian. Yes, I do visit family members, but never celebrated it big tho. And ever since my grandmother passed away, 25th Dec has just been another day.
*sigh* I'm missing my late grandparents.

But this year, I do want something for Xmas. I just want Jay to come back to 2PM ^_^
It is 3 weeks to Christmas... think Santa (JYP) can grant our wishes??

* see that I portrayed Santa as JYP? HAHHAHA!!! I wonder how he looks in a Santa suit. Oh... that will be awesome! HAHAHA!!

December 5, 2009

Oh my...... Mama reads my blog every week

My mom reads my blog every single week!! Yes, she does...And she'll read every post I have up on my dear blog. She said it makes her feel closer to me every time she reads my blog..

awwww... I'm missing my mom. I just got off the internet call with my mom, and I still miss her *sob sob* .

I was actually hoping she won't read this week's posts because I have a lot of useless entries these past few days. hahahhahah!! But she's OK with it. hehehe.. My mom is being cool ^_^ she knows I love blogging...

December 4, 2009

Bored tonight----> Made collages

Was bored tonight, didn't feel like studying so I played around with Picasa and

December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mar!!

Happy Birthday!!
С Днем Рождения!!
생일 축하해!!

Haven't had the time to go gift shopping today.. hehe... sorry.... Will do that later ya..
So I made this for you. Since you like T.O.P so much.
T.O.P says, "Happy Birthday Mar!!" ^_^
Now waiting for it to finish uploading into my 4shared folder. The image is too large to be send via email huhuhu... Will give you a download link in a while ^_^

December 2, 2009

Shall we give the Mayor a kiss now?

I remembered posting a facebook status message saying that I felt like kicking the Mayor's a** because it did got cold and snowed sometime around late Oct and early Nov. Apparently there was a part of the news that I hadn't be bothered to read which said that he is only going to carry out his plans at the end of Nov. In addition to that, I really thought it was impossible to control the weather like that without having the environmentalist trying to stop his crazy plans. I guess I underestimated the power of the mayor.
Hail to Yuri Luzhkov!! hahaha!!

It's December now. Is not snowing like how it's supposed to be. And what's more amazing is that it isn't cold!! OK, I might be exaggerating here. It is still a bit cold, but not as cold as how it should be. The temperature today is 3-7 degrees. In the past years, we should expect the temperature to drop to -5 degrees by December. Isn't this amazing?? Let's just hope that the weather stays like this until February.

December 1, 2009

How shallow can a guy be?

I was happily talking to a friend on YM and things turned out very different this time. He's usually very nice to talk to, but today proves that the male species are the same *sigh* I never knew this person could be that shallow.

I was actually asking how is he doing since I haven't spoken to him for quite sometime. And in return, he asked if I'm well. I'm most of the time open with him. So I answered that I'm not just fine, but getting fatter as well but I'm doing some workout lately hahhaha...

But then, he said it was fine....... and suggested that when I have a lot of money in the future I can always get an operation. I think he meant a liposuction.

I was kinda taken aback by that. I don't know if he was joking, so I tested him out by saying that cosmetic surgeries are painful, and why would I wanna put myself through crucial pain just to look better? He simply replied that Japanese artist do operations all the time and they are fine.

Those who are willingly to put themselves at risk and in pain just so that they can look pretty have serious mental problems. They are depressed with how they look and they don't have anything else that can represent who they are, thus they need beauty to define who they are... or better said, 'what' they are.

Most important, Allah prohibit us to change His gifts. He made everyone perfect as how they are. Why change it with surgeries?

He used to tell me that inner beauty is the most important. That was the reason why I kinda like talking to him, thinking he's actually different. But I guess I was wrong....yet again....