April 30, 2009

Spring Is Finally Here!!!! weeehhheeee!!!!

Actually spring is supposed to start in March. But as you know, Russia is an extreme country. Up until 2 weeks ago, there were still some snow that has not melted yet. And there were times when new snow came falling down. Not much tho, maybe just around 5 minutes. But still... it's weird. How can snow fall in the middle of spring?? All of us here thinks that the weather is confused or something.. hahhaha... but this past few days was REALLY hot.. although the temperature states that it's 20-25 degrees, but the sun.. Oh GOD.... Russia's temperature fluctuates very drastically sometimes. And today, it's 9°C. See how it fluctuates?? It's quite hard for my body to adapt to the drastic changes here. Hance, I fall sick quite often.. *sigh*

I started having flu yesterday. I was feeling feverish at first. And the flu finally came down yesterday night. Well it is actually my fault. I went to the zoo on Tuesday. It was bright and sunny that day. And yes, it was VERY VERY hot...And I didn't drink enough water afterwards.

We had a Physiology topical test that day. So after the short test ended, my classmates made a plan to head for the zoo. The back entrance of the zoo is just next to our Physiology, Biochemistry & Pharmacology department. And the entrance is free for students. And so I was like.... ok, sure, what the heck..it's free, the weather is fine, and it's so near. I never knew that it was a whole new world in there.. hahhaha.... the entrance is very small, I used to think that there wasn't anything much inside... But I came home exhausted because the zoo was HUGE!!!

We were like kids on a zoo field trip.. hhahah..of course, we were loud as usual.. hahha... Since we walked together, our voices seemed to be amplified.. hahhaha... It was really fun. Took loads of photos. I haven't had that much fun in ages. Well partially because of the winter. Other then going for classes, I didn't go out much during winter. I hate the cold.

I meant to post photos in this blog entry, but i haven't yet gotten hold of the pictures from my friends camera. I'll post more soon.. Stay tuned!!

April 22, 2009

When was the last time I post a blog entry?

Wow.. It has been more then a month since I post an entry. Was I that busy? Yes and No. hahhaha... When I answer YES, that's because of all those topical tests we had the past few weeks. And if I answered NO, then that is because I still had time to watch Love Letters on youtube.. hahhahaha..... anyway, to those who don't know what Love Letter is, I guess you don't like Korean variety show as much as I do.. hahaha.. Anyway Love Letter is a Korean variety show, all the guest on that show are Korean celebs; popular and non-popular ones. I love that show, it's a very funny show, well of course it depends on the guest in the particular episode. But nonetheless, each and every episode made me laugh til my sides hurt.

Some people asked me to update my blog. I guess they were wondering what happen to me since I hadn't publish any blog entry for so long. I never knew anyone even reads all these rubbish I posted..hahhaha...

What's new with me... hhmm...let's see...
I remembered telling many people that i hate Big Bang. Well I didn't like their style; all TOO hip-hop, rap, r&b. Actually it's their bad-boy style I hated the most. But boy was I so wrong... they are one very cool group and they could be so cute sometimes. They are different from the rest of the Korean idol groups. And their songs, love them all, can't stop listening to them.... Frankly, at first it was Seung Ri that got me to check them out. Seung Ri is the good-looking one with the eye-bag problem.. hahaha... then I like Dae Sung because he's so funny... the more i watch their shows, I've started to love all of them, even the scary TOP. He's not so scary actually. Just felt that way because of his rough voice and sharp eyes. Tho I like all, I'm loving G Dragon more and more.. we fans call him G Dragon. His real name is Kwon Ji Yong. Yong in Korean means dragon. An therefore G Dragon.. cool huh.. also I love Tae Yang's dance moves and his cute-tiny eyes when he smiles.