May 29, 2009

Amy Fareena : My Name and It's Meaning

When I was born, my parents chose a great name for me. Amy Fareena was the name given to me. Doesn't my name sounds nice? I think it sounds really beautiful.
Back when I was in primary school, I didn't like my name just because I was told by some religious studies teacher that my name does not have any meaning in Arabic, and therefore it does not have any meaning Islam. I didn't have a common Muslim name such as 'Nur' or 'Siti' like my other friends. But as I grew up to become a teenager, I started to have thoughts of my own. So I decided to search the meaning and origin of my name. I looked in several sites for this. And the result :

Amy :
It is of Old French and Latin origin, and its meaning is "beloved".
Anglicised form of the Old French Amee
, meaning "beloved", which originated as a nickname from the Latin Amata, from "amare", meaning "to love".

Fareena :
Fareena is a variant of Farina (Latin origin) which means "flour"

Yes, the meaning of Fareena is a bit funny. I myself think so. So I continued the search for any other meanings. Then I found in a few other sites. And it said that Fareena means happiness in Persian language.

I'm glad that my parents gave me a beautiful name. It doesn't matter what others might say about me not having an Islamic name. I love my name and it's origin, as well as it's meaning. And that's all that matters.

May 27, 2009

Korean Trip Canceled *sigh* Damn Swine Flu!!

It's 2.46am I know I should be sleeping, but my eyes are not sleepy just yet and I don't feel like studying anymore at this hour. So let's update on what's going on in my awesomely boring life.

My Korean summer trip was being canceled due to increasing cases of Swine flu or influenza A or H1N1 virus infections in Korea *sigh*. I was really looking forward for the trip, which was pre-planned so long ago. My aunt had even made bookings for the trip *sigh* why does it have to be a pandemic? Why now when I'm finally gonna get a chance to step on Korean land?

But then again, why is it such a big deal that I don't get to go this year? hahhaha... It's not that Korea will vanish next year right? Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go next year. I hope Young Hun oppa will still be free next year. Of course he will be continuing his studies after military service. I hope he won't be too busy next year. Wow.. he's only been gone for 2 weeks, and I'm already missing him. Luckly he only has to serve in military for only a month due to his health condition. If he had to go away for 2 years, gosh.. I'll miss him like mad. haha... He is one really nice guy.

I hope he's doing alright over at the military base. He told me on the day before he left that he's hating the fact that it is compulsory for Korean male to serve the military for 2 years. And he hated that he has to shave off his hair hahhaha... I bet he looked funny with a crew cut hair. I hope oppa is well. And it makes me more worried because of the Swine flu. Yesterday there was another 2 new cases of swine flu, adding up to the total of 29 cases in Korea. Gosh, I'm really worried. I have friends over there. I hope they are all well.

And most of all, I hope Roy, Laura, Emerson & new baby Ellis is fine over in Ohio. There is 15 cases in Ohio itself. Let's not even mention the total in US. It gives me chills just by looking at the total number of cases in America. I'm praying that my cousin's family will be alright.
In Malaysia, the 2 students that contracted the virus had recovered.
In Moscow, there was only 2 cases so far, but luckily both had recovered from it.

p/s scientists : Hurry up and create a vaccine for H1N1 virus please!!!!!

May 21, 2009


Again I was
By all your lies
All those sweet words
And innocent touch
I liked the way you played with my hair
The way you fiddled with my fingers
It felt like I fit perfectly in your embrace
Or was it just my imagination?
A mere illusion
I couldn’t tell
Oh, how so confused I was
You were being very deceptive
Like as if you were playing tricks with my mind.

Your actions shout “I like you. I’m falling for you.”
But somehow I know
That was not how you truly felt
And I was just someone whom you’d picked to play around with
Why did you chose this lonely heart,
If all you intended to do was just hurt it?
Why did you chose me,
If all you intended to do was just to have fun?
Did I seem gullible in your eyes?
Am I credulous?
I wonder who am I to you.

You seemed to be like the best thing that had ever happened to me
But really,
You are just an absolute mistake
How I wish I could turn back the hands of time
And you and I,
We never have had happened.


My Significance

There were times when I thought that nobody cares,
I thought that I was all alone in this cold lonely world,
That my existence was insignificant,
That I was less human;
Thought that the world can function without me in it,
And nothing would alter if I vanish.

How wrong was I to think as such;
Somehow, somewhere,
There is a hand reaching to hold mine,
A friendly eye meeting mine,
A lovely smile to brighten my world;
Even the coldest of heart,
Had something to offer,
With just a glance towards my direction,
I knew I was part of something.

Only now I know,
I am important to someone,
Even just to a small degree,
I actually do meant to someone.

Freedom Out There

As I came closer towards the door,
My heart beats faster,
The rhythm of the African drums,
It played in my head,
I broke into cold sweat,
My legs wobbled,
Adrenalin rushing in my veins,
Is this what freedom means?
How it feels like?
The door was ajar,
I peeped through it,
I was amazed at first sight;
And through that door,
I saw the joy of life
How could I have forgotten how wonderful feels like?
I’m so eager to discover more beyond this door,
To learn how to live again,
To breathe again,
To bask in the beauty of life,
To be free, as an uncaged bird,
Soaring through the sky,
And through the rainbow;
At last, new hope is found.
Stepping out that door,
It almost felt like another dimension,
I left my ugly past at the door;
I closed it,
Locked it,
And throw away the key;
Never will it be open again.

Don't Wait

Never be afraid
To unveil what’s in your heart
To bare out your soul
Never have the fear
Of telling somebody that you love them
That they are the one;
Because love and chances
Only comes along once
You’d be lucky
To stumble upon them twice;
Always remember
Love does not linger around unattended
And you would be foolish
To expect love to wait
For it may fly away
To those who truly appreciate the beauty it upholds.

2.05am, 24/6/07

May 17, 2009

Spring BBQ party

hahaha.. it was a last week's event actually. But I was just so lazy to post an entry.
The annual event was held at the Malaysian embassy as usual. I went there quite late coz' I myself woke up late, then I had to wait for Kartik to get ready; he woke even later then I did. When I reached the embassy, the line for the BBQ chicken was unbearable. But what to do, my tummy was already grumbling, just have to que. Luckily the weather was fine.

Even though I missed some student's performance (which I did not regret at all..hahaha), the food was good. The chicken was well roasted. Good job to the organizer and ajks.