January 25, 2010

Holiday Holiday Holiday

Just a quick update on my Italy-Berlin trip.

I'm in Venice now. So far my holiday is a blast. When there's awesome-outgoing friends around, a holiday becomes even more fun. Took zillions of photos and videos. But I'll not realease them now. We all made a promise not to upload any photos until the end of our holiday. So peeps, stay tune for awesome updates and photos OK!!!

p/s: there are lots of mad photos too!!! Photos you wouldn't wanna miss Hahaha...

January 19, 2010

Transit in Budapest

At Budapest now. We have to transit here for 3 hours. But half of the time since we arrived here had been spent cam-whoring HAHAHA... Somehow we never got tired taking pictures. Besides, there's Alip and Walai here. Our very own professional photographers haha...

Uhhh... It's already getting dark outside. Will be arriving in Rome at night time. I wonder what we'll do tonight hehehe *evil grin*
hhmmm Rome's night life? How will it look like??? I wonder if Pdas will let us go out late at night... Hehe...

January 18, 2010

Speed Packing

I just finished packing. I managed to pack in 1 and a half hour. HAHA.. this is what I call speed packing. But now I'm panting....

My whole luggage bag is filled with food stuff. 90% of the content is food. So I had to use a bagpack to put clothes. I know, I know... It's a holiday. I'm supposed to travel light. Well here's the thing. We plan to rent a car in Italy. So car rental, fuel and parking fees will take a big part of our expenses. And to cut down on food expenses, we all brought instant noodles, canned food, chocolates, etc. Plus, it's gonna be difficult to find halal food over there.

Italy..... here we come!!!

January 17, 2010

Goodbye Stages

As a HOTTEST, of course I would want to always see 2PM on stage. But I'm kinda glad that they are wrapping up their activities for 1:59PM album promotions and getting ready for their 'hibernation'...hahaha.. And yes, they need loads of rest. They have been working so hard.

With this, now I'm gonna have a peace of mind when I go away for my Italy-Berlin trip. I won't have to worry if I'll be missing much on news and performances.. hihihi... cool smileys
Yup. People say that I'm crazy for having this obsession. But I know I'm not alone. LOL!!

Anyways, I'll be leaving for Italy on the 19th. Spending 10days in Italy. And will be stopping by Berlin for 2days before coming back to Moscow.
So it's gonna be a bit difficult to update my dear blog innocent smileys

I'll miss you, blog.......
This is how much I love you, blog......
But don't worry.
When I get back,
we'll have lots of fun
and there will be many many interesting updates.....

January 15, 2010

Shopping Day1

Was supposed to go and get food and some personal stuff for my coming Italy trip from Ashan. But I ended up roaming Mega and bought myself MNG jeans, boots, and some other stuff. HAHAHA....

Anne got a very nice MNG jacket. I wanted one too. But I think I'll leave it for Shopping Day 2. I promised to accompany Ika for a bit of shopping anyways.

My new boots.
haha..a super shiny one. I never had a shiny boots before.

ooo.. there were so many things I wanted to buy. If only I can splash money out as much as I want. The price of things in Moscow is no joke!!

January 14, 2010

Feeling down? It's fine. Friends are around

I was feeling pretty down today.
But I spent the whole day hanging out with friends.. talking and joking around with each other. haha.. OK fine, it wasn't the whole day. It was already half a day when I woke up hahaha!!
Me and Anne went to another friends apartment today. Even tho we didn't do anything much, but hanging out made me feel so much better.
I'm glad that I went out today. It's cold, but it was OK. Because I'm feeling better now.

When words hurts

It has been quite a while since I let people's words make any impact on me. I've promised myself that I won't let negative comments get to me and bring me down.
And for a long time, I was happy as I am. But for some reason, when an unreasonable comment (or a so-called joke) goes south and it caught me at the wrong time, I just couldn't avoid from getting hurt. I know that those negative comments are not true, but somehow, it still hurts.
I don't deserve to be treated this way, so I want to eliminate those who brings me down out of my life. I don't need them around, nor do I need to hear to those ill-comments. So please go away.. SHOOOO...!!

사랑 할 수 있을까?

사랑 하고 싶어..
우리 친구들 하나하나 사랑에 빠지고
부럽다.... 솔직히...
나도 사랑 하고 싶은데
다시 사랑 할 수 있을까?
사랑은 아픈거야
난 준비가나요?

January 13, 2010

Vege+Seafood Kalguksu ---> Yummy

*burb* 아 배불러~

I saw this Korean noodle at the groceries nearby. It says there this is for kalguksu and jjajangmyeon. I know what jjajangmyeon is. But what the heck is kalguksu? So I went back and search the internet. Apparently kalguksu is a handmade, knife-cut, wheat flour noodle. But I doubt the ones industrially packeted is hand-made tho haha...

Vege+seafood kalguksu

January 11, 2010

I'm free as a birdie

It's finally a holiday!!!
I have 8 days before my Italy/Berlin trip. And I'm super excited!!
But in the meantime, I wonder what shall I do??

Laze around
Watch loads of Korean dramas tongue smileys ohhh goodie!!
Back to full time blogging
Back to obsessing on 2PM. Oh wait, I never stop obsessing even thru the exam week.hahaha...can't help it.
Learn how to make jjajangmyeon
Go snow boarding/ski
Play in the snow
Clean my room.. so messy, didn't had time to clean up
Learn how to use Sony Vegas and make a video
Go ice skating
Study Pharmacology????? hahhaha.. yeah, I should probably do that too *sigh*. I guess I'll never be totally free when there's pharmaco around...cool smileys

January 10, 2010

Thank you God. Thank you teacher.

Thank you Allah...
I'm feeling blessed.
But right now I just need some SLEEP....
I should have came back straightaway after the exam instead of going window shopping... coz now I'm feeling so tired, and I can barely open my eyes.... *yawn*

Goodbye, and Goodnight everyone... *ZZZzzzz*

January 8, 2010

uneasiness... SHOOO... GO AWAY!!

I know I should be concentrating on microbio now, but I just couldn't help it. These thoughts has been bugging me all day and I just need to get it off my chest, out of my mind, so I can concentrate better *sigh*......

I was woken up by a very strange dream today. So strange that it gave me chills down my spine. Even til now, just thinking of the dream makes me uneasy. The images were so vivid, it almost felt real.

How would you feel if someone who is blood related to you, but whom you're not close to had died a terrible death?
Would you feel at least a bit sad even tho you hated that person because of who he/she has become?
Would you still have the sympathy enough to pray for that person's soul?
Would you shed tears for him/her, even if he/she had inflicted so much pain and gave tears to others?

I believe that what ever bad things a person has done in their lives, they don't deserve to die in a horrible manner and be judged at by others. Because we are all humans, we are equals. Only God has the power to punish the punishable.

animal smileys

OK now, let's get back to microbio... I'm feeling a lot better now that I've talk openly about the matter hehehe ...

Sick! Sick!! SICK!!!

I'm feeling and I feel like

Microbiology is really making me feel like puking right now. Damn all those microbes. I'm sick of them already!!

January 5, 2010

One day older

I turned 23 today...
But why don't I feel like a 23 year-old??? I felt rather younger... Maybe it's the lack of the sense of responsibility.... HAHAHAHA... Nope, I have no problems with that. I like being carefree.
Or maybe it's just that I feel young at heart?? haha.. either way, I'm totally fine with it.

As more and more people starting to call me 'kak' or even 'unni', I don't feel like a 23 year-old at all. hehehe...animated smileys So you all can stop calling me Kak Amy OK haha..

Anyways, thanks to family and friends who had wished me since yesterday.
Thank you for the overflowing messages and calls.
Thanks to Aisyah for baking the banana cake. I love banana cakes.
Thanks to Nadia Anis who posted a very2 nice birthday post on her blog. Missing you dear..

I kinda squashed my own birthday cake by accident

Just a simple celebration.
My room was even in a mess when everyone came to surprise me with the cakes..

I didn't go out to celebrate or anything.
I have microbio to study...uhhh.. still long way to go free smilies
I can't wait to finish the exam so I can go celebrate my birthday. HAHA..
Looks like it's a late birthday celebration again this year.

January 4, 2010

I have angelic friends

This is Anne.
And she's an angel.

Anne came to visit me today.
She insisted to cook for me since I have a final exam to sit for, and she doesn't.

Anne cooked this fabulous black pepper dish and tom yam soup just for me....
We had a nice dinner together..

Thanks Anne!!
animated smileys U babe!!

Last moments of 2009

I finally got the pictures of our New Year's eve celebration... hehe.. it's a bit late for an update. but what the hell, this is my blog, I'll do whatever I want adult smileys

This is what happens when a bunch of camera addicts meets the camera. HAHA...

Looking deeply into each other's eyes
haha... Anne will kill me for this caption..
By the way, there's nothing going on between them, just friends playing around

What is Alif doing to Anne's dog??!!

Anne doesn't look so keen with Alip doing wrong things to her dog.. hahhaha

Anne.... alone..

And........ now comes Alip to wake up the sleeping beauty..

Alif said that I never change the way I smile in front of the camera...
haha.. come to think of it.. it's kinda true

I love myself...

We finished the night by watching some Thai horror movie..

Mar, Fara.. you're supposed to watch the movie not pay attention to the camera..

2009 was a great year. We all became closer. We love each other like brothers & sisters.
May 2010 be a better year and may our friendship grow stronger.

unhappy smileys Luv U all!!