July 31, 2009

Addicted to blogging... Is there a remedy out of this?

It's 2.03am and I'm blog stalking... I myself can't get enough of blogging. I used to think that blogging is just a waste of time. But it turns out to be really fun. Now I'm no longer a facebook addict. I became a blogger instead ^_^

Forgotten Bond of An Old RM1

I needed my birth certificate for something, so I requested it from my parents because they are the ones who had kept my birth cert all this while.

While my dad was going through his brief case where he stores all the important documents for safe keeping, he found an old RM1 that was cut into half kept safe in some plastic cover. And he showed it to my mom. My mom never knew my dad had kept the RM1 which she specifically asked him to throw out. Since the event took place more then 20 years ago, my mom told me the story about that half-old-1 ringgit bill.

It happened that my mom was quite popular back when she was in college. She never knew she had a secret admirer back then. She wasn't interested in it anyway I guess. When my mom was about to marry my dad, she sent a bunch of wedding invitations to some of her old college mates. And a while after that, she received a letter. The letter was from a friend who had secretly admired her back in their college days. He told her all his feelings, and with that letter he included this RM1 that was cut in half. He asked my mom to give it to her 1st daughter. He wrote in the letter saying that he will instruct his son to find the girl with the other half of the bill bearing the same serial number BX 9977788.

My brother and I had a great laugh listening to this story about this old promise made by some man more then 20 years ago. I myself was practically rolling on the floor knowing that some one, some where wanted me as a daughter-in-law, even before I was being born!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! It is just so funny.

July 30, 2009

Trying hard to squeeze it out

Lately I've been trying to squeeze out some poems from my brain while being in a state of emotionless. Unfortunately, only 2 pieces came out. This clearly proves that I don't have a writer's block, because I don't think a normal writer's block last as long as mine.

I only managed to write 2 pieces within these 2 weeks. Which are : Wouldn't It Be Nice and Like A Rainbow (two of my recent blog post). I was emotionless though when I wrote those two.

The previous poems I wrote was during the times when I just broke up, I was lonely, I had a crisis, I was sad, or I felt overwhelm... I know, it is a bit weird that I can only write poems when I have an uneasy feeling or something is bothering me. I have to admit, I write better when I'm sad. I tried to write when I'm happy, it didn't work. The pieces were not good enough to be publish in my blog.

However so, now I'm trying really hard to extract every ounce of creativity I have left.
Owh, and to all readers. I finally read comments you guys wrote. Thanks for liking my poems. And I hope to provide more soon.

July 29, 2009

Just Like A Rainbow

Never can I touch you
Hold you
Kiss you

Feel your warmth on cold lonely nights

Never can I tell you my heart's secrets

Nor my desires

Not even my pain

Because loving you
Like a rainbow it is

Everything about you is just too beautiful
But I should have known better

I shouldn't have loved you

Knowing that I can never have you
Knowing that you are not meant for me

And all I can do is just gaze at you

Just like a rainbow

I can only gaze at you


* an inspiration from a Korean drama

July 28, 2009

The Baby ME!!!

10-month-old Baby Amy

I was going through my mom's drawer and I found stacks of old albums in which contains old photos of my parents' wedding, baby photos of my brother and mine, as well as our childhood photos. hahaha.. I haven't seen this pictures in ages, so I really had fun looking through all of them. I even scanned some of the photos for my digital keeping.

Me & Papa

Early education. My mom reading to me some baby's book. My parents believed that early education is the best, she even reads to my brother and I when she was pregnant with us. According to my mom, I started talking at 14 months.

Nothing that doesn't go into my mouth!!

Cho-cho train!! hahaha.. that train runs on huge alkaline batteries

I do enjoy the camera and the 'lime light'

Even a piece of paper brings out the joy in me

Mama!! I want my dinner!!

My favorite soft-toy.

Aww.. I love him that much

July 27, 2009

My First Ever Baby Shopping

One word : Clueless

Yeah, I was completely clueless. I went around the whole baby department store aimlessly. I even went to one particular section 3 times!

Went to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with my brother today. Since we didn't have anything else to do, we decided to stop by our aunt's house to visit our new baby cousin. Besides, her house is just on our way home.

I haven't bought any thing for our dear cousin yet, so I decided to just get something for her to wear during the upcoming raya celebration which is in 2 months. I will not be here by that time, so I thought I'd better buy something now.

I love shopping. It's one of my hobbies. But I never knew baby shopping is the hardest thing ever. Luckily the sales person helped a bit. But I have to admit, all those tiny baby clothes were so pretty and cute.

I finally settle on this very cute 2-piece top and skirt.

Nur Azalia Zara.

Zara means princess. No doubt that she'll be treated like a princess by the whole family. I've already started buying her nice, expansive clothes. I bet my mom will splash money out on her darling niece.

Baby Zalia made cute faces for the camera

July 26, 2009

Mr. Right VS Mr. Right-now

Stop searching for Mr. Right. Instead look for Mr. Right-now. That's what they always say. Because that Mr. Right-now will turn into Mr. Right eventually.

Close friends told me that I'm being too choosy. Even not-so-close friends told me the same thing. I totally disagree. Well, yeah. I did rejected a few in the past. But hey, they were ones whom are so wrong for me. We have absolutely nothing in common. What am I supposed to do? Don't expect me to say yes to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

What I look for in a guy?


Education is the most important of all.


He should be able to make me happy


He's healthy. He eats right. He's a non-smoker.


He should be open minded, but with appropriate limitations. He should know boundaries at the same time.


Looks comes 4th. It's considered a bonus actually. I like cute ones, who doesn't anyway? But being cute does not mean being dumb. Cute and smart... hihi perfect combination.


A funny guy, with his sanity still intact. He has to have a sense of humor. I like guys who makes me laugh and would laugh at my jokes. No body wants to date a zombie.

See, I'm not a choosy one. Anyway, this is just for fun. I still love being single ^_^

July 25, 2009

My darling bro is back home... hihihi

weeehhheee... my brother is back at home. He was forced by his boarding school to go back home for a week due to 2 of their students contracted H1N1 yesterday. I'm glad he's back, it's getting pretty bored at home. I plan to take him to go and watch Harry Potter tomorrow or on Monday. Well Monday is a better choice tho, there won't be too many people at the movies. I hate queuing in line.

Somehow, my brother and I had beaome close and we don't fight like we used to anymore. Now I can rely on him to do things and he does not annoy me anymore. I remembered when we were younger, we used to fight a lot. And I really mean a LOT. He loves to annoy me. And I love to scold him. Whenever he's not satisfied with me, he'll hide my things just to annoy me. And as a payback for hiding my things, I would delete all his computer games and hide the installation CD. HAHAHAHA!!! We were like cats and dogs. But then again, we won't be brother and sister if we didn't fight right?

But it's different now. Now we can joke around, talk nicely to each other, we even sometimes 'accomplice' against our mom. hahaha.... I guess both of us are grown up now, and we try to understand each other and our differences. Plus he's the only brother I have and I'm the only sister he has.

July 23, 2009

my silly blogspot problem hihi

OK I admit that I'm stupid.. hahhaha... I myself laugh at my silliness.

OK here's the thing. I've actually been having problems posting blog entries ever since I came back from Moscow more than a month ago. All my blog posts was not being posted on time, instead it was being scheduled to be posted. I never had these problems back in Moscow. And I have been complaining on and on to friends about this particular problem because their blogs seemed fine. Then yesterday, it finally came into my mind to check my blog settings. HAHAHHAHA!!! silly me. I didn't change my time zone to Malaysian time zone!!! For over a month that I'm in Malaysia, my blog time zone was still set to Moscow time zone... HAHAHAHA.... Silly me...

Wouldn't It Be Nice

It came true
What you wished for came true
Once you had a wish
To never again let love in
Too much pain
A love that left
Or a one-sided love
Even a love you never notice 'til it was too late
Neither your soul nor heart can bear
Reminiscing tears never dries.

Wouldn't it be nice?
To love and be loved again
To be able to trust a stranger's heart
And believe you'll never be hurt
Wouldn't it be nice?
To bask in blissfulness
To have someone to cuddle when it gets cold
To share a piece of cake
To feel the tingle when your arm brushes against his
Wouldn't it be nice?
If you could open your heart again.

July 22, 2009

The Last Time Meeting Ikha

Although I was still tired from the Ipoh trip, I had to force myself to wake up at 7am the next day to send my granny for her medical checkup appointment at 8am. It has been my responsibility to bring her for orthopedicts visit every 2 weeks from the start of my holiday.

So after sending my granny home, I washed up a little and head out again to meet some friends. Yesterday was the last I'll be seeing Ikha until next year because she'll be leaving for London on Sunday and she'll stay at her brother's place in London for 2 months. We had Japanese food and Baskin Robbins yesterday.

Our last outing. Have fun over there Ikha!!

But unfortunately Ikha and Ridwan had to leave early. So Dila, Arif and I went to watch Ice Age 3. It was so hillarious.

By the way, I bought a Big Bang Concert DVD yesterday!!!

I'm loving it!!

~Ipoh Mari Mari~

My 3 days and 2 nights trip to Ipoh was awesome. It wasn't much actually, but with great friends, it felt like a splendid holiday.

Anyway, drove there with Pian and Dila. The main attraction there was actually Syarifah haha.. Since she started the semester so early, I only get met her once after I came home. So when Dila ask me if I wanted to tag along, I just said yes in an instant.

Our dear Syarifah : Ipoh's main attraction

The journey was only 2 hours. We arrived at Syarifah's house some time around noon. After a short rest and prayers we all head to Kuala Kangsar. Pian brought us to this one famous old chinese coffee shop. Since Pian went to Malay College Kuala Kangsar, he knew the place really well. The coffee shop was famous with its paus.. OMG... it was the best pau I've ever tasted.

After lunch, Pian brought us to visit MCKK. I was honored to visit such elite school, a school that was an alma mater for many of our great leaders and famous people in the past and present. However so, some parts of the school was a bit scary, well it was an old school after all. According to Pian, the school was a former hospital back in the Japanese occupation days. And he showed us one tree that was a place the Japanese hung people. Scary huh?

The tree where people were sentence to death

The next day (It was a Sunday) we went up to Cameron Highlands. It was just a short visit because we plan to make a trip to Latar Kinjang later that day. Was hoping to spend more time in Cameron Highlands. Oh well, I guess I'll just go again in the future. Owh, and I was lucky I didn't get too dizzy on our way down. I remembered I puked when I went there as a kid. But thanks to Dila's advice, I did not puke.

At some park in Cameron Highlands

Latar Kinjang is a waterfall. Dila and I didn't take a dip anyway. We just took pictures while the rest had fun in the cool water. But I did slipped and fell on my ass while I was crossing some of the slippery rocks. hahhaa...

Latar Kinjang Waterfalls

I was exhausted by the end of the day and slept like a log that night.

On monday, we all went to Lost World of Tambun. It's actually a waterpark/animal safari. Well it was just OK. Had fun on the water rides. They really should built more rides, they have the space.

Now I'm 2 shades darker!! It was really hot when we played in the water. I hope the whitening cream I'm using now works. I just can't go on being this dark.

We all headed home after a late lunch on the same day. I was so tired, I slept the whole way back to Dila's place. Pity Pian, he had to drive while Dila and I doze off. He did said it's OK if we sleep. Pian, being his super nice self. Thanks Pian for driving us all the way.

Although I was tired to the bone, I had so much fun!!

July 15, 2009

My Korean Viewing

I've been home a month. Let's count how many Korean dramas I've watched....

Full House (2004)

Imagine, I've seen tonnes and tonnes of Korean dramas before, but I've only watch this 2004 drama last month. They would say that one is not a true Korean drama addict if one has not seen Full House. The reason was that Full House is said to be the favorite, one of the best drama ever. But I beg to differ. I do admit that it's one of the most watched drama of the century but in my opinion, this fact is true 10 years ago. Now, the Korean drama industry has advanced and improved so much. There are less or even none non-logical scenes in recent dramas I've watched.

However so, Full House did gave me laughter and tears. And since Song Hye Kyo played her role very fine and Bi was really cute I think I can rate this as 8.7/10.

1% Of Anything (2003)

HHmmm.. how shall I say this.... It was pretty interesting in the first half episodes of this drama, it was damn hilarious. But then, it gets too... dragging?? In a sense that I can't wait to get to the ending of a 26 episodes long drama. No drama before this has ever made me felt this way.
My ratings : 8/10

Beethoven Virus (2008)

One of the most successful drama. I really like this one. This is not a classic Korean drama we use to watch. You know what I mean; poor girl meets rich guy, they might fight at first, then they'll fall in love after putting aside their differences; and the girl would be the innocent type of girl; usually it involves a 3rd party (ex-bf or ex-gf).. normal classic drama. As I've said, the newer dramas have improved so much. This one particularly is different then the rest. Beethoven Virus is a heart-warming, very inspiring drama. It seemed like a serious kind of drama, but there's lots of funny moments. Jang Geun Seok is the best!!
A one of the best drama I've seen deserves a 9.5/10

Wonderful Life (2005)

It's cute. It's fun. Good-looking actors and actresses. But I don't wish to watch it again. There were way too many coincidence until it made it non-logical. And some of the scenes were TOO dramatic. I have not much to say about this one, so my comments stops here.
Rating : 7/10

Bad Couple (2007)

Another great drama. This drama proves that they don't need really good-looking people to make good dramas. The story line makes perfect sense and the plot is great. Bad couple is an interesting, hilarious, never once I find it dull. This heart-felt drama made me laugh very hard at first, and it made me cry a lot in the end. But I was glad the ending was a happy one.
One drama worth watching would be rated 9/10

July 14, 2009

Salon Magic!!!

Expressing my happiness for my new hair *flipping hair*. I did rebonding, again... This is my forth time since college days. Friends would always question my decision whenever I wanna do rebonding to my hair. They said that my hair is already straight and I don't need to do rebonding. But I just love super straight hair. It's so manageable. No frizz when they wind blows (it gets pretty windy especially in winter). So with a super straight hair, there's no trouble ^_^

Yeah, I know. They always say that it's not good to do rebonding or perming. It'll dry up our hair, damage our hair, and some may suffer from hair loss. But there's lots of ways to take care of rebonded hair. There's a wide variety of hair serums in the market. Those hair serums prevents our hair from breaking at the ends (split ends). There are also hair masks, also to maintain moisture and thus prevents split ends. Leave-on hair mosturizers and conditioners also works. And when we have extra time (and money), we can make a trip to the salon and do a steam treatment. It's not even hard to take care of rebonded hair. After shampooing, just blow our hair half dry and apply a bit of hair serum onto hair ends. As easy as ABCs.

July 9, 2009

My Kelantan Trip

It was a short trip, I wouldn't want to stay any longer anyway. First of all, Kelantan is the last place I wanted to visit actually. I've been to all the states of Penisular Malaysia lots of times except for Kelantan and Terengganu. Mainly because I used to think when a woman step on a Kelantan soil, she is obligated to wear a scarf, which was not true. I did see a few without a scarf. But I guess, when you don't wear one in places such as Kelantan and Terengganu, the rest would look and stare for a while like as if we come from another planet. I was a bit unconfortable with that at first, but my aunt wasn't wearing any scarf either, so I felt a bit OK after that. And of course the fact that we can't speak their dialect, and the way we speak is totally different from theirs.

The only thing I enjoyed doing there is shopping for batik and scarf. All the scarfs there are so pretty, I went crazy buying. And here in KL, it'll cost double or triple the price I paid in Kelantan. The good silk batiks ranges from RM150-RM200. We bought quite a lot of those too. The same kind of batiks in boutiques in KL will cost us maybe RM 300-RM400 a piece, or maybe even more.

Overall, the it was an OK trip, it's just that I wouldn't dream of going there again.

July 2, 2009

Friendships never have an end..

Went out with some girlfriends today. But some couldn't make it. What a shame. But I do hope to meet them later. I haven't seen some of them in 2 years! Missing the school days... all the thick and thin that we all went through together for 2 years. We came to SSP 4 years later then the rest of the batch. So that one class of new students became instantly close with one another because we have no one else but us. The rest of the batch...well, they have their own clicks. I remembered there was some misunderstandings went about back then. But we all got together after a year. So all are in good terms with each other in the end.

I don't think I could have survived SSP if I didn't have great friends. It's amazing how we kept our friendship for more then 5 years. I hope we'll all still be friends in 10,20 years to come. All of us went to different higher institutions after school. Had different sets of friends. Had a change in style. Had acquired different knowledge and mindsets. We are very different in so many ways. However so, we still meet up occasionally (when I'm in Malaysia), talk on the phone or internet, left messages on facebook..... and I hope we will still continue doing this in many years to come. And when all of us are busy with our own agendas, we'll at least drop a hello once or twice.

Oh and I bought my first Korean CD today!!!! I listen to LOTS of Korean songs, but never bought any CDs before. And eventhough I've listen to this one, but I wish to support them. Wanted to buy a Big Bang CD actually, but it cost RM99!!! just because it has exclusive covers!!! Malaysia's EMI are crazy!!

July 1, 2009

Open up the heart and let love in?

I had a chat with my mom while I was helping her with the cooking today. Yeah, we do the cooking at home. My mom just refuses to trust the maid with all the cooking. The maid takes care of the tedious cleaning which neither of us wants to do. Wait... why am I talking about domestic helpers?? Anyway, as I was saying, I had an interesting chat with my mom.

I told my mom that I'll be going out with my ex-classmates tomorrow. And I mention all my girlfriends' names. It has been like a habit to me to tell my parents especially my mom whom I'm meeting. I guess my parents' parenting skills works on me that until now as an adult i still inform my parents where I'm going, with whom I'm meeting, what time I'll be leaving the house... and I still stick to the 10pm curfew. Well, last time it was 8pm. But since I'm an adult, my parents had to give some leave way, although I know they don't want to.

Then out of no where, I said to my mom : "Ma, I wonder when will you hear that I'm going out with a boyfriend." I meant that as a joke, never thought my mom would take it seriously. My mom replied : "Exactly! Aren't you worried? When you start working as a doctor, you won't have time for dating."

HAHAHAHA... I guess my mom's worried that I've been single for so long and what's more worrying is that I actually like being single. No worries. No responsibilities. No hassle. I don't need to worry about being close with guy friends. And even better, after all those studying, I can laze around, watch as much Korean dramas or variety shows as I want. Life is good...

But then again, my mom was right. I wouldn't have much time to sleep, let alone date during my housemen years. I don't want to end up an old main with nine cats that's for sure. But after my last relationship, I did promise myself that I'll never cry for a guy ever again. Should I finally open my heart and let love in?