January 25, 2009

Would You?

Would you be the one?
The one who I could always turn to
When life has turn its back on me
When I’m caught in the middle
Of fury and sorrow;
Without a word said
Would you come to comfort me?
When tears fills my eyes
When I ran away and hide
Would you come and hide with me?

If I’m drowning in my own tears
Help me save myself
And pull me out from that void
Be there for me
It’s all I’m asking for
Care a little for me
I’m not begging for more
Forever be my best friend
For I have no greater expectations.

I wrote this about a year plus ago before I flew to Moscow. Was in a pretty bad shape at that time, being alone. So yeah, I was sad, and out came this piece. Hehehe....

January 22, 2009

Finals Over!!!!

Yahooooo!!!!! It's over!!! Finally.... After suffering because of anatomy for 2 years, finally it's over..but I think I'm gonna miss Lidya. And I'm pretty sure all my group mates agrees with me. To those who don't know who Lidya is, there's a brief description. She old, very experience, knows the human body at the tip of her finger. I think she can even identify an anatomical structure with her eyes close. Really. I'm not exaggerating. But the bad thing to study under her is that she expects us to be as good and to remember everything, like as if we don't have other subjects to study. She loves failing us in topical tests. I remembered repeating a test 4 times before she let me off the hook!!! It's a very normal thing to fail is testes for Lidya's students. At 1st, I hated her. She made me hate anatomy so much. But then, I started liking her way. Because of her, I had to put extra effort in learning anatomy. If I was under other teachers, I don't think I'll be studying much because naturally, I'm a lazy person.hhahaha... so because of her, I'm actually forced to study. And I think that's a good thing. Anatomy is very important. It's a basic of everything. So I think Lidya did a good job. All of us thank her in the end... Thanx teacher!!! I'm gonna miss you!!!

January 9, 2009

내 생일....

My 22nd birthday.....

Firstly I would like to apologize to everyone who tried hard to call me to wish me birthday wishes, but couldn't get through me... you see, this is what happened.... I didn't remember my pin code number, and i lost the card with the PUK code number when my purse got stolen. So my megafon number got blocked somewhere around Dec. And you guys know me well right??I hate going out in this very cold weather. So I was so lazy to go to megafon centre to reactivate until the day of my birthday. And when I finally reactivate my number, I got endless list of pending messeges... THANK YOU and SORRY. especially to Mar, Sara, Fara... you girls tried so hard to call me lots of time to sing birthday song.... so sorry!!!! anyway during all the time my megafon was blocked, I was using matrix number for important calls. I didn't tell many people about that number because it's just a temporary number which I'm only using to call Malaysia. All in all, thanx so much for the wishes... luv you girls... and I'm really looking forward to celebrate my birthday at that sushi bar you gals mention before...

At 12.05am on 5th Jan.
I was surprised by Wani, Aisyah, Wani Aripin, Ain, Husna. I was touched by them.. Husna woke up from her sleep to come and celebrate... Wani made me a brownie. I didn't even know she did that. Well, of course I was still sleeping when she made the cake in morning. I wake up really late these days...It's so nice to crawl back under the cozy warm comforter after Subuh prayers...hahaha... Although it was just a small scale celebration, but I was really happy that I have that kind of friends around. Wani gave me a cow print mug. Aisyah gave me a cow stuff toy. Both of the gifts are so cute!!!

To everyone, thanx for everything!!!
너무 기뻐,그리고 많이 행복해. 사랑해 내 친구야!!!
i'm so glad and happy. i love you, my friends!!!