February 28, 2009

A Letter To My Darling iPod

My dear iPod Classic,

I'm sorry I had to say goodbye to you. I've loved you SO much in the past year. You were like a best friend I'd never had, you were the one who stayed by me through thick and thin. You'll always be my precious baby. And I promise you that I'll never forget all the memories we had and all the times we spent together. I remembered all the times you help me to ignore the people around when I don't feel like talking to anyone. I remembered all the great songs you played for me. I remembered all the videos you entertain me with. Those were our good times. Forever I'll cherish our memories. Please don't hate me for getting the new iTouch. It's just that my needs exceeds what you can do. Please don't be sad. I'm sure your new owner will treat you with as much love as I did. Syuhe is a good guy. He'll cherish you till the end. And I'm sure he'll stay true to you til' the end. Lastly, I wanna you to know that I love you, and I'll always remember our love forever.


February 17, 2009

Can I Cook?

I made my 1st chicken curry today. And it turned out a success!! It's so easy to cook curry, I don't know why I have never tried cooking curry before. I've always stick to what I know best, which is masak merah or sambal cili, sweet sour chicken/fish, blackpapper chicken, easy pasta dishes...And curry is way easier than ayam masak merah. I used to hate cooking so much because everything will turn out to be a disaster due to my very bad cooking skills..hahaha... I remembered when I was alone at home and my mom went to work, she ask me to cook a very simple dish that she had tought me before. She would be back late that day and wouldn't have anytime to cook. She told me to cook a Chinese dish. Most Chinese dishes are very easy, coz' most dishes uses sauces that comes in bottles. All I need to do is just pour a few kind of sauces from the bottle, mix it well while letting it simmer a bit. Then mix the sauce made with the fried fish/chicken.Voila! Since it looked easy (I'd seen how it was being done befere), I decided that I should try it with confidence. The result......... my fish was burnt one-sidedly, my sauce was TOO salty, some of the chopped garlic in the sauce was also burnt. A DISASTER!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Luckly I didn't burn down the kitchen as well. I was 18 at that moment. How can an 18-year-old can't cook?? I was really bad at cooking. But after a year away from home, my cooking skills had improved drastically. And I'm proud of myself.. Some friends said my ayam masak merah taste good. And after I cooked for my classmates during a raya celebration dinner, some of them, especially Nadzmi, had been demanding for me to cook for them again.... hahaha...I will if I have the time guys.. but it's gonna get busy very soon. The semester started already. Maybe next raya ok guys... I hope I'll get better in the future. My mom always told me that the way to capture a man's heart is by 'capturing' his tummy first..hahaha...

till then,

February 12, 2009

Diverging Road

Two hearts so different
They arrived at a point
A diverged road ahead
She had to let him go
Separated by a vast space
Wide distance
A future so vague.

He left a void in her heart
How could she ever fill it back again?
After all this time,
The love that is lost
The hope that is gone
Only time would tell.

Looking through the glass of memories
A blurred past
She had to loosen her grip
She had to let him go.

She had a dream today
They were back at the point
Where the road had diverged
But only to say her last bid
She kept that dream away
Only to let it be covered by the dust of time
Finally, she is letting him go.


This is one of my favorite. I was woken up by a dream and couldn't get back to sleep. So out came this piece.

February 9, 2009

The Song In My Head

내가 바보였어05 (Naega Baboyeosseo) - AST1
I love this song. It has been playing in my head for days already. Sang by new group called A'Star1. This song is in their 1st single.
I romanized the lyrics on my own. Some people did it not so accurately. They really shouldn't post it on the net if they don't really know how to. But the translation is from the internet. Don't know if it's accurate or not.

achimiyeon haessalcheoreom
nareul kkaewo neoui geu heunjeokdeul
gabjagseure millyeoun geuriumeuro
dashi shijakdwin naui haru
himeobshi utgo isseotji
nae bangeul gadeug meweotdeon
nega naege namgin chueok
hanchameul chyeodabodaga
ulgo ineun nareul bone
naega doel su eobdeon neo

kkaejyeobeorin neowaui yaksokdeul
nan kkeuteopshi churakhago isseo
cheon baneul bolleoboado
naseonge dagaoneun kkum
iibyeoreul malhan geon neoyeotji
hajiman neoreul tteonage mandeun geon naran geol
Oh~ Oh
naega baboyeosseo

himeobshi utgo isseotji
nae bangeul gadeug mewotdeon
nega naege gamgin chueok
hanchameul chyeodabodaga
ulgo ineun nareul bone
neoreul chaeogi en bujokhaetnabwa

kkaejyeobeorin neowaui yaksogdeul
nan kkeuteobshi churakhago isseo
cheonbeoneul bulleobo-a do
naseolge dagaoneun kkum
amuri nal wiro haebwado
honjaraneun geol kkaedara dashin neol chajeun su
eobneun nayeosseumeul

hana dulsshik neol tae utgo isseo
majimak neowa hamkke jjikeosseotdeon sajin kkajido
kwaenchanha jiketji nae gaseume namgyeojyeotdeon
geuri umeun yeongi cheoreom sarajyeo
neol ijeulke

kkaejyeobeorin nawaui yaksogdeul
nan kkeuteobshi churakhago isseo
cheon beoneul bolleoboa do
naseolge dagaoneun kkum
ibyeoreul malhan geon neoyeotji
hajiman neoreul tteonage mangeun geon naran geol
naran geol naega baboyeosseo


Like the sun in the morning
Your memories wake me up
Loneliness settles in
The beginning of my day
I look at your memories
That you left me with
I looked at it for a long time
Then i cried
That can't be me

The unkept promise i made with you
I continue to fall
Even if i call a thousand times
These dreams come unexpectedly
You were the one who said goodbye
But i was the one who made let you go
I was a fool

I smiled so powerless
I look at your memories
That you left me with
I looked at it for a long time
Then i cried
I was not enough to make you happy

The unkept promise i made with you
I continue to fall
Even if i call a thousand times
These dreams come unexpectedly
Even if i say it's okay
i am alone and can't find you

I'm erasing you one by one
and i burned the last picture i took with you
The loneliness in my heart, it will be okay
It will die away like smoke
I will forget you

The unkept promise i made with you
I continue to fall
Even if i call a thousand times
These dreams come unexpectedly
You were the one who said goodbye
But i was the one who made let you go
But it's me

I was a fool

February 2, 2009

Me loving Korean songs?? So? Piss off!!!

I don't know why many people think that it's weird that I love listening to korean songs. What's wrong with that??? Some people said that there's no point in listening to something that we can't understand. My opinion, that's silly. You don't need to understand a language to enjoy the music. Plus there are always translations all over the internet. Koreans produces great music, whether if it's pop, ballade, r&b, or even rock. Lots of their songs have great melody. You should try listening to some. Really captivating. Some people even make a big fuss that I like korean songs by saying that I don't know where my roots are. So what??? Mind your own business will you. At least it's better then obsessing on Western songs right?

I remembered a few years ago I got a bit mad at my mom because she was watching some Korean or Chinese or Japanese drama on tv. Back then I don't know which one is which. I just thought they all look the same (same skin tone, same 'mata sepet') and spoke a weird eastern language. Anyway, I wanted to watch something else, but couldn't coz' my mom was too into that particular show. So I took my frustrations into hating those kind of tv dramas. I never knew that now I fell in love with those kind of dramas and movies. hahaha... Now, if someone would give me a choice between an english movie or a korean movie, I would prefer korean. hahaha... So yeah, I started watching korean stuff about a year ago. Then of course there's those soundtracks and stuff, so I started liking korean songs. Then I found out about korean boybands. OMG!!! They are DAMN cute..They can sing and dance well too. I used to love Caucasian and Western look, well most people do I guess. But now, I like East Asian look. Now I'm totally 'dasar pandang ke timur' hahaha.... Dr.M must be proud of me...hahhaaha... And oh yeah, I can read korean now, but slowly of course. I understand some simple phrases and words. I'm sure I'll learn more in the future. I just love the language.

So peeps, it's not wrong to listen to something you don't understand. Just enjoy the song.