November 28, 2008

Falling So Deeply In Love

You guys know that I'm crazy about Super Junior right?? Well I do still like them, but I can't help falling madly in love with Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK)!! They also call themselves..Tong Vfang Xien Qi (TVXQ)(Chinese I think), Tohoshinki(Japanese) coz they are so popular all over east Asia. Honestly, I know DBSK way earlier before SJ, but why only now I like them so much...??I guess it 1st started with Kim Jae Joong, then my obsessions spread to Jung Yunho, then Shim Changmin... Before I knew it, I love all 5 of them...I love Xiah Junsu's and Yoochun's voice the most. Of course they can't beat Super Junior's funniness and acting skills.. but their songs are so good I listen to them over and over again...all of them...and their voices...ohhh... any girl would melt...

My current favourite DBSK songs :
1. All I Need Is Love
2. One
3. Tonight
4. Story of a Journey
5. Unforgettable
6. Mirotic

Favourite DBSK dramas:
1. Dangerous Love
2. Vacation
3. Unforgettable Love
4. First Love

November 21, 2008

My Very Cold Moscow...

It started snowing pretty heavy yesterday. It's not winter yet, and it's already snowing. But this is something very common to happen in cold land of Russia. Last year was even worse. It snowed some time in the middle of October!!! That was like one and half months earlier before winter. Oh how I hate this weather..... It's not just cold, it's wet. And when the wind blows....Owh my God... I feel like my nose and ears are gone coz' I can't feel them! Now it is still bearable. Wait till the end of December, the cold feels somehow painful.
Russia's cold season is not actually just winter months. But it actually starts from autumn and ends in middle of spring. Long...long cold season...And one funny thing is, the weather and temperature is very unpredictable especially in autumn and spring. It could be cold one day and the next day it would be warm. Sometimes it would put us in dilemma because we don't know what type of coat to wear when we go out to class. And this is what I hate the most about Russia. But they say, if one survive Russia, one could survive elsewhere (well excluding north and south pole of course haha)

November 15, 2008

This Emptiness

I am neither deaf
Nor am I blind
But every time I close my eyes
Silence and darkness are my companions
Surrounded by nothing more
Then the sound of my own heart beat
This obscurity impaired me
Searching through this emptiness
Never to find an end
Not even a beginning.

If there is a path
It will lead to somewhere with an end
And definitely there was a beginning
But this emptiness
There is nothing
Only a meaningless existence.

Nothing to hold on to
Nothing to wait for
Nothing to hope
There is nothing.

I can't remember exactly when I wrote this one, but I think it was around a year ago. I wrote this one after watching a Japanese drama about a deaf girl who plays the piano. I was inspired by her and her friends. She was a great pianist until she slowly lost her ability to hear. Her disability broke her spirit. She stop playing. But then she tried again and again, with encouragement from her friends, until she could play again even with deaf ears.

November 10, 2008

Di Persimpangan Dua Impian

This is my 1st and only poem in Malay. I have never written any more in Malay, I don't know why. Maybe I should try to write more someday..

Umpama satu perjudian
Perjudian untuk mencari kebahagiaan
Sama-sama kita pertaruhkan
Hati dan perasaan
Tahu akan nikmat dikala menang
Juga sedar akan deritanya
Pabila diambang kekalahan

Melangkah bersama kita seiringan
Namun seringkali bertentangan
Mengapa kita dipertemukan
Dalam satu perselisihan

Hadirnya cinta
Di satu persimpangan
Yang memaksa kita
Membuat perhitungan
Inilah lumrah kehidupan
Titik mula
Ada kesudahan

Kita dua
Insan yang cukup berbeza
Punyai impian tak serupa
Di sana engkau mengejar cita
Di sini aku mencari bahagia

Di persimpangan itulah
Yang mengungkai ikatan dua hati
Yang membelah jalinan kasih
Yang mengurai segala janji
Namun mengukir seribu memori


November 7, 2008

Can't Decide!!!

Between Kim Jae Joong (DBSK) and Lee Dong Hae (Super Junior), I can't decide who I love more!!! I'm torn between two very very cute, talented guys. Jae Joong oppa can sing better. But Dong Hae oppa can dance damn good. Arghhh.... I can't choose one. I love both!!! hahaha....
Some people said that I'm too obsessed with Dong Hae and Jae Joong...but who cares :P

November 3, 2008

Never, Never, Never....

This is the second poem that I wrote. I think it was much better then the 1st one. And this is one of my favorite.

Never make a promise

When you know you’ll break it
When you know you can’t keep it

Never say forever
If you don’t really meant it
If you don’t know the future
If you would leave

Never say love
If you think it’s just a word
If you think it’s for fun
If it’s just a game
Never say love
When you are not willing to die for it
When you don’t want to sacrifice

Never give hope
If it’s vague
If someday you’ll take it back
If someday you will have a change of heart

Never lock a heart
When you’ll throw away the key
And walk down the other road
When you have already chain its soul

When you do
You will break hearts
You will shatter dreams
It is selfish of you, because
You cannot remake promises
You cannot rebuild hopes and dreams
You cannot unlock the heart
You cannot unlove a person.


The First

I was just cleaning up my external hard disk. Deleting all the unwanted files. Then I stumbled upon a folder named 'New Folder', which means I didn't rename the folder before. To my surprise, the folder contains all the poems I had written long ago. I thought I had lost them along with my laptop. Oh yeah, I did lose my dear laptop at the airport...huhu...long story.. Anyway, I thought I didn't make any copies of the poems. But I actually did...I had actually forgotten about those poems coz' the last one I wrote was half a year ago..hahaha...

This is the first one I wrote. I remembered I was in a dazed when I wrote this one. It was after I broke up with someone. I was in a slump. Before I didn't know that I could write. But there's the thing, I could only create poems when I'm feeling sad or lonely. When I'm happy, no words as such comes into my mind. Weird? I know. I guess it's just a way my heart's trying to mend itself. So the first one is called : Like The Cycle Of Tides.
It wasn't great. But it was the start.

Rise and fall,
Like a wave,
The heart floats and sinks,
Abiding the nature,
The nature of the tides;
She sailed into the open ocean,
Went through harsh storms,
Almost sank ‘till the bottom once,
But great will kept her afloat again;
Until then,
She awaits for another heart,
To come and sweep hey away,
To save her from sinking again,
To sail into a peaceful ocean,
Together towards the sunset.


This was written more then 2 years ago. I was 18 years old. Reading it now, it somehow sounds funny.hahaha... Anyhow, I'm open to comments.