July 31, 2010

Anith's pre-goodbye kenduri

Went to my bestie Anith's kenduri doa selamat today.
I hope this isn't the last time I get to meet Anith before she leaves for UK.
Had a good long chat with Ika. I missed them a lot.
Hope to meet you girls again when Dila comes back.

July 30, 2010

Ice Cream Potong : A taste of Malaysia on a stick

I was stuck in a bottleneck traffic jam today. That stupid roadwork block near Semenyih has been there for way too long already. And because I was afraid that my Potong ice cream would melt, I had to eat it in the car. Man..... I could almost say that one of the best things in life is on a stick..hahaha...I have been craving for aiskrim potong for a very long time now, and today I get to satisfy my craving. I ate 4 sticks of that ice cream while I was stuck in the snail paced traffic.

July 29, 2010


Each day I wake up with question : What shall I do today?

Malaysia isn't as fun anymore when each and every friend of mine are either busy studying or working. Most of them are busy from Monday to Friday, which leaves me alone and miserable.
I've been in Malaysia for more than 2 weeks now, and B.O.R.E.D.O.M is seeping in faster then I can spell it!

I had tonnes of fun when I came back last year. My besties Dila was still in Malaysia, Syarifah didn't have much classes, Ika was on holiday, Pian & Arif came back for summer...

This year's summer break is a bit different; friends flew overseas, some had graduated and started working, some continue with their master's degree and as busy as ever......

Maybe I should go to a spa and pamper myself today....

July 27, 2010

Concern parents, Selfish drivers

As I was waiting for my mother to come down from her tuition center earlier today, my attention was caught by a red Mitsubishi which has disturbed the free flow of traffic on an already narrow road. The driver was a parent waiting for his/her child to come down from the tuition center. He/She wasn't double parking, but 'triple' parking. Big cars like Pajero and MPVs had extreme difficulties passing through, and yet the driver of that Mitsubishi Triton didn't have the courtesy to move.
Yes, I do understand that the parents might probably be afraid that their child couldn't find their own way to the car if the parents would have parked further away. But to obstruct the traffic when driving a big car like that is just selfish. Moreover, I noticed that there were 2 people in the car. One parent could have just got down from the car and wait for the child so other parent could park further.

Anyone living in Semenyih would know that the old part of Semenyih Town has narrow roads. And I'm sure the other drivers were cursing under their breath. I really hope we drivers would respect each by not being selfish behind the wheel.

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July 6, 2010

Practicals in Russia : a waste of our time

I started my hospital practicals today... and I only have one word to describe it : FUTILE

All I got to see today was intramuscular injections. Or shall I say that I only saw 6 buttocks today.
Yes, it was pointless because we weren't allowed to do the injections, we only observed. So much for practical skills mastering eh?

Since we were in a large group, we were assigned to 3 different hospitals. And in each hospitals, we were further sub-grouped to 3-4 per nurse. So those who got assigned under a scrub nurse will get a chance to see surgeries (maybe). While the rest of us (most of us) only wasted our time doing pointless stuff. Some of us were asked to clean the pantry, some had to arrange medicine bottles, some even did nothing and drank tea!
And because we are only 3rd year students, our practical only consist of nursing practice and we are not assigned to doctors. What a bummer....

Actually this is the first time we Malaysian students had to do our practicals here in Russia and not back home. For the past years, seniors have been doing hospital attachments in Malaysia. But this year the rules have changed and we are not allowed to do in Malaysia anymore all thanks to this man :

Thank you Tan Sri, for making us stay here and waste our time.
I hope we can do our practicals in Malaysia next year, because if we can't, then we are screwed.

*additional stories : One group had to mop the hospital floors! hahahaha.... man, epic fail!

July 4, 2010

Russian Military Bunker & Metropolis : Recipe for an aching feet

I went for an group excursion today. I visited a Russia's top secret military bunker that was used during the Cold War in the 1950s. I experienced what it was like to be 65 meters underground. It was kinda scary being in a dark and gloomy bunker. I'll tell more about that experience in the next post, since I'm totally exhausted now.. haha...

The excursion didn't tire me tho, it was the shopping afterwards that made me feel like I'm walking on nails now..
YES, I went shopping again, 4th time in this week alone.. my goodness, I just can't help myself. What can a shopaholic like me do at times of sale?? I did not plan to shop anymore this week.

OK here's what actually happened. After the excursion, I was hungry. I didn't have time to eat anything before I left my room, I was running late. So I followed some friends to the Metropolis mall for lunch. And I did told myself that I should go back after lunch..... but..... the shops were on big sale.. One shop lead to another, thus plastic shopping bags started filling my two hands.
My friends and I went out of the mall at 11pm when the mall was about to close.. hahaha!!! It was fun shopping with my fellow shopaholic friends, Farah & Hanis. What can we do? We're shopaholics hehehe....

But I swear in the name of my dear blog, today is the last time I'm gonna go shopping... Because at this rate, I'll be broke by the end of the month.
I hope I can keep this promise hahahhaha...

July 3, 2010

Happy Heart, Aching Feet

Practicals are starting VERY soon, and I'm spending what's left of my holiday by going out almost everyday.. hahaha... and yes, yesterday I went shopping.......... AGAIN
At this rate, I think I'll be broke in a month HAHAHA!!
Though yesterday's shopping trip with Ann wasn't really worth it because the mall we went to hasn't really start its sale on a full scale yet. But it was fun walking from one store to another looking at stuff and 'tagging' items in our heads. When the sale starts (towards the end of August), we'll be going again to get those items we've tagged hehe...

Oh by the way, I did managed to get myself my first ever skinny jeans. I never wanted to wear one since I felt it will be uncomfortable. But Ann convinced me to get one because skinnies are in trend now, and she said it'll be ok once I get used to it. Oh well, and so I got my first skinny jeans from MNG.

And now I have to go soak my feet in warm water and massage my aching feet... I knew I should have done this before going to sleep yesterday.... what a bummer to wake up with an aching feet.