August 31, 2010

5 minutes had pass and I'm still thinking of a title for this post. I wonder if I can leave it blank. Or shall I title it : Co Do sucks. HAHAHAHA....

OK I went to hang out with some friends in Midvalley. My goodness, today was a wrong day to go out. It took me more then 30minutes to find parking and I fought with some auntie for a parking space! And there were a sea of human in mid valley. I've never seen a shopping mall that packed.

Anyway, this post is actually about a Vietnamese restaurant in Mid Valley. We ate at Co Do restaurant. The price is fairly affordable. A set meal cost us RM22 each. But halfway through our food, we were all quiet until Nadiah broke the silent with a laugh.

Nadiah : hahahaha... kenape we all senyap je?
Me : I'm thinking of running down to the food court to buy some kuehtiaw goreng basah. And I'm also thinking about what I should buy to eat after this bland and DRY meal.
Nadiah : *LOL* I'm thinking of the same thing.

I had to force myself to finish my chargrilled chicken. I didn't really touch my rice. Nadiah didn't even finish anything. And Linda had to finish hers because she felt it's bad to throw food. Honestly, I think I can get better food at a much cheaper price in the food court.