August 30, 2010

i-City..... the city of lights? or weird looking trees?

Went to i-City in Shah Alam last Friday with my family. It was alright I guess. I mean the lights are pretty and colorful, but that was just it. I was expecting it to be like Tokyo. I saw my brother's Tokyo pictures, and the trees (real ones) decorated with lights were awesome. But in i-City, we were treated with weird looking plastic trees that emits light. The place was crowded with all walks of life though.

Weird looking cacti....

These rows of 'trees' are so bright, you can see it from the Federal Highway

Bokeh lights are a bit difficult coz I have to hold the camera REALLY still.

Orangie glowwwww....

Practicing on bokeh lights

See what I tell ya... I still can't get a pretty bokeh when it comes to lights... it's so difficult.. oh well, I need more practicing I guess. This is my first time trying anyway.

The moon, outshine by the bright errr.... tree