September 1, 2010

Bahulu time!!

My granny and Aunt Sue made kuih bahulu today and I went to help... errr sort of. hehehe... Tolong tengok and makan saje HAHAHA... They are actually baking this favorite kiuh raya early so I can bring back to Moscow. Will be leaving in 2 days time...which makes me sad every time I think about it. I'm SO NOT excited to go back to Moscow. I don't even feel like packing.

Oh well, let's just enjoy the bahulu in the making. Feast your eyes! OMG I'm so evil, I know ya all want some of these superduperdeliciousmalicious bahulu.
It's a crime to eat these kind of bahulu. My granny's bahulu recipe is extra sweet, extra fattening, but extra delicious.

Using the traditional way of making bahulu makes it more delicious in comparison to oven bake.

Yup. We used charcoal. It's a tedious job, but this traditional method makes this bahulu extraordinary.

Let's take a peek inside

All ready to be taken out from the.... err I don't know what that thing is called, but it's made from copper

Ohhhh yummy!!!!
A bite of warm bahulu made my day.

This traditional method of bahulu making will be coming to an end very soon. Younger generations, like me aren't willing to go through this tedious method. Most people now uses the oven instead. It is kinda sad to see how this tradition is fading through time.


::smaku:: said...

amyy best gile kampung ko ok. siap ade bakar2 bahulu!

Amy Fareena said...

mesti la best! hehehe... sbnrnye xramai pon org buat care ni, even kat kampung aku.. tapi sbb nenek aku xsuke beli, xsedap.. hehehe.. tu la, sbb teringin sgt nk makan, maksu aku buat jugak la... hehehe.. biasenye buat ngan mak aku. tapi mak aku xcuti lg. syg btol nenek and makcik aku tu kat aku, sanggup buat awal untuk aku bwk balik moscow

Vie said...

I miss this kueh... >_<
Btw so surprised to read that you're studying at Moscow, cool~