September 15, 2010

What is a Hari Malaysia?

To be honest, I have no idea what exactly Hari Malaysia is. We have our Merdeka Day ever since we got our independence 53 years ago. So what is a Malaysian Day? All I know is that 16th of September was the date Malaya changed its name to Malaysia and Sabah & Sarawak joined in..... If I'm not mistaken.....
HAHAHA.. I never really paid much attention in history classes back when I was in school. In Malaysian education, history was made boring. hahahahha...

Then I stumble upon this advertisement by DIGI. It's a really funny video/ad, everyone should watch this.
But being a Malaysian isn't just about eating sambal belacan and a funny video. It's about how different races liking the same thing, having the same thoughts/ideas or treasuring the same land we call home. And when we modify that one thing according to our preferences and traditions, it makes us unique. It makes us Malaysians. So,
Selamat Hari Merdeka to every Malaysian out there. Doesn't matter where you are, or whether you had become a citizen of another country, you're still a Malaysian deep inside. 


Tun Dr Wadie said...

ko da bosan sgt takde topik nk tulis ke ni??haha
neway im back..lame giler tak berblog..haha